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Thread: Nasty Car Accident

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    Nasty Car Accident

    Well, what a great start to the new year. On my way home from work on Wednesday evening, I was at a light when a big 4x4 truck slammed into the back of my car!! My rear bumper is smashed in and the side pannel on the passenger side is slightly pulled out. Thank goodness I was not really injured. I took a couple of days off work. The guy was drinking and I had to get the police to help me get his information. He attempted to flee the scene! I still have to go to ICBC (insurance) and get my car assessed for damage. It should be 100% the other driver's fault - I was stopped at a light.

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    yikes! My truck just got totalled by the insurance company after my accident the day after christmas... I'm currently using my mom's van until I can find a car for myself that I can afford. Not fun. Glad you are ok!

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    Sorry for both of you. What a way to begin the new year. Thank goodness you're both OK. Take care!

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    Glad that no one was seriously injured.

    My car was totalled at the beginning of October - still miss my Sebring Convertible 2000. I was stopped about 4 cars back from a red light. A newly permitted driver made a very wide right turn out of a driveway and hit the driver's side door and rear quarter panel. She driving a Honda CRV and had a smashed in driver's side front corner bumper. My door would only open from the inside - couldn't be opened from the outside. So, that couldn't have been fixed without fixing the exterior too.

    Nothing like buying a car in a hurry. Fortunately, I had been looking at new cars and decided on a Nissan Rogue with AWD, which has really come in handy with the snow we've gotten this year.

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