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    Junior Dance FD

    I just caught the final flight of the Junior Dance free dance. All the teams had something to recommend them. Some time tomorrow, the archived version will be on skatebuzz on the SkateTv page. Well worth it!

    1 Nicole Orford / Thomas Williams BC/YT 54.50 75.81 130.31
    2 Kelly Oliveira / Jordan Hockley CO 51.96 71.24 123.20
    3 Victoria Hasegawa / Connor Hasegawa QC 51.88 70.98 122.86
    4 Andréanne Poulin / Marc-André Servant QC 50.71 67.33 118.04
    5 Élisabeth Paradis / François-Xavier Ouellette QC 47.36 67.28 114.64
    6 Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Yoan Breton QC 48.37 66.02 114.39
    7 Laurence Darveau / Jonathan Arcieri QC 44.83 59.61 104.44
    8 Larissa Van As / Troy Shindle BC/YT 42.22 58.67 100.89
    9 Carolane Soucisse / Benjamin Smyth QC 46.47 53.83 100.30
    10 Jade Marrow / Allan Stoll WO 42.16 57.88 100.04
    11 Josyane Cholette / Simon Proulx-Sénécal QC 44.66 50.32 94.98
    12 Olga Lioudvinevitch / Benjamin Mulder WO 39.34 54.19 93.53
    13 Sara Aghai / Qwynn Dalmer BC/YT 40.09 51.71 91.80
    14 Sarah Clarke / Steven Clarke EO 35.71 51.08 86.79
    15 Jazz Smyl Joly / Ryan Behnia AB/NT/NU 34.30 47.36 81.66

    1. Orford/Williams, who won the SD yesterday, coached by Wing & Lowe. They are a new team this year. They have impressive speed and skated to a piece of music that was unfamiliar to me. They had very nice twizzles, and the most impressive thing about it was that the elements blended very nicely into everything else.
    I really liked them, but they are a bit rough around the edges, but hugely better since Lake Placid.

    2. Oliviera/Hockeley, 2nd in yesterday's SD, coached by Lane & Razguljaevs. They skated to Singin in the Rain in a very peppy, cheerful manner, reminiscent of Ralph and Hill. They made no significant errors and deserved their placing.

    3. Hasagawa/Hasagawa, 3rd in yesterday's SD, coached by Dubreuil & Lauzon. Their arrangement of Stairway to Heaven was really nice! There were some very creative things in this program.

    4. Poulin/Servant skated to Somewhere in Time, coached by Winter & Hamel, their ISU biography says, fell on the twizzles. They're a nice team, but this is the right place for them.

    BTW, the Khongs have retired, according to skatebuzz, in order to pursue school.
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    For me, Paradis/Ouellette had the performance of the night, their free legs positions are beautiful and unified, where the wild ocean wind Orford/Williams have to work on.

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    I didn't much care for O/W's music either , and his costume is a bit iffy for me, but I really do like them, and expect them to get more tidy in future , judging by some of W/L's other teams. The Hasegawa's are very nice..and I have to echo gopatrick and say let's hear it for P/O ..really good program ( jazzy latin Ba Mir Bis Duschein,,sp? )beautifully delivered..I think he channels Patrice quite a bit looks like D/L are set to start making their mark as coaches/ choreographers as well.This is really exciting !

    O/H are good ,and deserved their placement , but they just strike me as workmanlike. They still need to find their spark. Please don't tie anything around her neck..*sigh*..and get those shoulders down. ( I so wish I didn't have to sound like a broken record )

    Further down the lists, I liked Van As/ Shindle and particularly Morrow/ Stoll charmed me. They'll be fun to watch for.

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    I didn't recognize it.

    I read that O&W's music was an orchestral version of Switchfoot & Nickleback stuff. Does anyone know whether that is right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    I didn't recognize it.

    I read that O&W's music was an orchestral version of Switchfoot & Nickleback stuff. Does anyone know whether that is right?
    This is from their ISU bio, so it looks like that's correct

    How You Remind Me by Vitamin String Quartet
    This Love by Vitamin String Quartet
    Dare You To Move by Vitamin String Quartet

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    My heart broke for Poulin/Servant when I saw him go down on those twizzles. Mistake aside, they had my favourite routine of the night. They skate with flow, a connection and maturity that I felt the others failed to bring to the table. As much as I woould have loved to see them going off to junior worlds, they were marked fairly, with good scores in every section except the twizzles, where they lost a ton of points and thus a place on the podium. I hope they come back strong next season.

    It was nice to see Oliviera/Hockley so sucessful in their first junior year. I love their SD, and their FD has grown on me since the beginning of the season. Junior worlds will be a good experience for them, assuming they are named to the team (which they should be, since none of the seniors can go).

    I'm trying really hard to like Orford/Williams, but It's just not happening for me. I'm not disputing the result, just saying that their programs did nothing for me. I know they're a new team, but I found them choppy and a little frantic, although their technical ability can't be denied. I think what threw me the most in the FD was the music. I like all three songs individually, but putting them together made the piece seem really choppy, especially since the transitions from one song to another were not excatly pleasing to the ear.

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