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Thread: Best Ladies SP of 03

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    Best Ladies SP of 03

    Among so many incredible technical programs this year from the ladies, which is your favorite and why? (THUS FAR ANYWAY!)

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    A Very Close Call

    This was very difficult because both Michelle and Sasha have such intricate, beautiful technical programs this year. Michelle's is fresh and exciting, I just love the attitude and the footwork! Sasha's is something more. The program itself is incredible. If she can skate this without forcing emotion and be totally free, I think it has the capacity to blow me away (Only Michelle and Chen Lu have ever done that). The whole feeling of the program is very dramatic, almost Katarina-esque to me! Its strange, but I feel this is a far superior program to her long. Sasha's freeskate is wonderful, but I don't feel the same way while watching it. So, I'll go with Sasha's short and Michelle's long! LOL

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    Sarah's short

    I was also interested in getting the general feeling on Sarah's "Sonata in G Minor" program. I was impressed with the attitude she had and I like the overall tone and feeling of the program. Yet, I wasn't completely sold. The shaky jumps didn't help of course, but I didn't like the circular footwork sequence either. Also, there is a bit of excessive arm waving as choreography, but it works here better than it does in the long (lol, perhaps because it is the SHORT program!). I think if she adds a more complicated footwork sequence and becomes confident with this short, it could be quite lovely. Well, fixing that lutz would definitely help! With that jump being under such scrutiny in the technical program, I feel she has to improve such an obvious flutz or she'll have a slim chance of winning the SP phase among a clean field.

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    Re: Best Ladies SP of 03

    I liked Michelles SP. So exquisite! So exciting! Sarah's program has the obvious music editing. Sasha's is great too...but I like Michelle's better.

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    Re: Best Ladies SP of 03

    I prefer the quiet, classical music that suits the skater's style. So I chose Fumie. The piece is very elegant and it suits her.

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    Re: Best Ladies SP of 03

    Wow, that was tough. Of the four ladies mentioned, I actually like them all for different reasons. Hard to choose. 42

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    Sarah's SP

    <blockquote style="padding-left:0.5em; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; border-left:solid 2">Well, fixing that lutz would definitely help! With that jump being under such scrutiny in the technical program, I feel she has to improve such an obvious flutz or she'll have a slim chance of winning the SP phase among a clean field. </blockquote>

    I agree with you that fix the flutz will certainly will help her in the SP score. But I think the priority for her now is to fix the cheated tripples. While some skaters may cheated in certain type tripple jumps. or the 2nd tripple in their combos. Sarah cheated almost all her trippls in her Nat's LP no matter it is single tripple or tripple in combo. If she dose not fix those cheated jumps. I wouldn't be supprise she wouldn't even be on the podium of the worlds if judges are sane.

    That said. I like her SP much better than LP. The SP is chroegraphed to suit her. It well conceiled her gawnk posture to make it looks like a style. When I watched her LP I was thinking why she was so busy on ice? Too much leg kicking and arm waving. She definitely had the speed I can see this even on TV. But just looked so heavy and drage (not sure the right word)

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    Sarah's Triples

    Mzheng, I agree with all that you said. At the Crest Whitestrip's competition I couldn't believe how horribly under-rotated almost all of Sarah's triple jumps were. I was really scared for her. Yet, I think she did a much better job during the long at Nationals. The lutz, which seems to be her nemisis, might have been under-rotated as well as the flip, but the toe and loop were both complete and clean. If she continues to work on this, I believe her triple jumps will be in much better shape by Worlds. As for the long, I do prefer her short at this point, but the long isn't a bad program for her. It has some nice moments and promise, but I think here again the footwork sequences are weak and unimpressive, as are many of the hand and arm movements.

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Short Programs

    I think all of those are great, particularly Michelle's and Irina's.

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    Re: Short Programs

    I think Yulia Sebestyen has the greatest short program this season. Her step sequence is very fast and poweful and I really love her choreography.

    But I also like Irinas and Sarahs programs. Haven`t seen Sashas and Michelles yet.

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Short Programs

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">While I really love Michelle's SP, I voted for "other" because I really like Shizuka's bondage/techno Swan Lake. I like skaters that go out and do something different, and this program just blew me away. I know some of you hate it, but I really enjoy watching it.

    That said, The Feeling Begins is a VERY close second.

    I also like Amber Corwin's SP at Nationals. I don't know the music, though.


    Laura </span>

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    Re: Best Ladies SP of 03

    Show - I agree. When I was a little boy mommie always asked whether I liked vanilla or chocolate. I liked them both. Why not?

    It's true, I am a Michelle Kwan maniac but that doesn't keep me from enjoying and liking other skaters. Why should it?


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    Amber's SP music is TOUCH by Sarah McLachlan. I believe it was off her first album (I have the CD somewhere- my ice dance partner and I once used it for exhibition)

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    Princess Leppard 625


    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Chaignee,

    Thanks for the info. I thought the music was beautiful and she skated the program so joyfully, it was nice to see her do well.

    I'm sure that music goes very well with ice dancing, too.

    Thanks again,

    Laura </span>

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    Jules Asner


    My favorite SP this season is Ye Bin Mok's "The Swan"
    I love the choregraphy, the soft lines and edges. the program is brought forth as gently as the music. In particular l love the spread eagle to triple loop and the final variation layback spin. From those listed on the poll I would probably say Sasha's.

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