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Thread: 2011 Mont Blanc Trophy

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    V/T did a great job. Huge triple twist, side by side triples were done great, nice lift, great throw triple but she put her hand down. Spins were good and so was the death spiral. Full levels on everything except the step sequence.

    Some have said Trankov said in an interview that they were only going to do enough to get the minimum score and that they held back but I really think (if he really said that) it's just an excuse in case they didn't do well or get the score they wanted. I think they were surprised the score wasn't as high as got at nationals but that is to be expected. I think they were trying their best and did just as good as at nationals.

    With that score they would have been 3rd at Euros

    Seasons highest SP Scores

    S/S - 74.40 GPF
    P/T - 71.41 4CC
    K/S - 69.49 EUR
    V/T - 68.30 MBT

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    Volosozhar/Trankov won the free skate with 131.54! total score of 199.84!
    They are close to their first medal in world stage!

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    That's higher than P/T at 4CCs. If they skate well at Worlds, they'll be on the podium for sure. It wasn't as good as Russian Nats - I'm betting altitude.

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    Come on V/T! Please stand on the Worlds podium!

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    Yana and Fedor are in 2nd place entering the FD within 6 points of the lead GO YANA AND FEDOR!!!!

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    competition ended.
    1. Cappellini - Lanotte
    2. Khokhlova - Andreev
    3. Guignard - Fabbri

    1. Contesti
    2. Schultheiss
    3. Parkinson

    1. Lena Marocco
    2. Joshi Helgesson
    3. Roberta Rodeghiero

    there're already some videos on youtube..

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