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Thread: Men's SP 7:30 EST

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    Men's SP 7:30 EST

    Skate order (dynamically updated):

    1. Keegan Messing, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters
    2. Adam Rippon, SC of New York
    3 Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC
    4 Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC
    5 Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC
    6 Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC
    7 Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC
    8 Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona
    9 Parker Pennington, Cleveland SC
    10 Andrew Gonzales, All Year FSC
    11 Ross Miner, SC of Boston
    12 Grant Hochstein, St. Clair Shores FSC
    13 Sean Rabbitt, Glacier Falls FSC
    14 Scott Dyer, Columbia FSC (MD)
    15 Ryan Bradley, Broadmoor SC
    16 Christopher Caluza, All Year FSC
    17 Lloyd Ting, SC of New York
    18 Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC
    19 Jason Wong, SC of Boston
    20 Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC
    21 Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Washington FSC
    22 Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC

    Kind of bookends here. All the favorites and many up-and-comers early...more favorites and up and comers later.

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    Go Keegan! He twisted his ankle earlier this week in practice and has a "slight sprain" according to his facebook fanpage. Hope he does well and moves up in placement over last year's finish!

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    wow it dosen't even feel like Nationals with no Evan or Johnny. I predict that Adam and Jeremy and Armin Mahbanoozadeh will do very well. Does anyone know if Brandon is planning a quad in the short?

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    Omg! I can't wait!
    Too bad I work tonight AND there appears to be no live feed.
    One you don't have to pay for, that is.
    Hopefully, I can get some wi-fi on my pod and keep up through here.
    I'm a long time lurker and not very knowledgeable about the technical
    Elements of skating so I really appreciate all the people on here
    Who know so much about it. Their perspectives, etc.
    Thank you!

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    Wow, that first group is loaded.

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    Has it started?

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    I'm guessing there's no free live stream, right?

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    You're right, HCOSurfer, the skate order is weird! But Armin is worth waiting for. Dornbush too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCOSurfer View Post
    Wow, that first group is loaded.
    I know. AND they will be skating while I commute home. :-(

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