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Thread: agnes zawadzki reminds me of Tonya Harding

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    Quote Originally Posted by ks777 View Post
    well I guess you were too young to remember perhaps. I don't know anyone who skated to music like " people are still having sex" other than Tonya.

    1992 sp "people are still having sex"
    Though the title of that song infers that, this song, which she used the same year (in her LP), is far worse, even if it was composed by Carlos Santana:

    And CMK, I agree. Tonya had it all. Had she worked on her skating more, she might have been great. She might have shown the world that she could win by simply skating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmk View Post
    Tonya was not a slug. She was actually an excellent skater with great jumps and spins that didn't come from money. I always felt her punishment for simply not reporting what her hubby did behind her back was way too severe because she truly was a much better skater than Nancy Kerrigan ( I never did get the beauty queen treatment the media gave Nancy- to me she looked like a cross between a horse (the shape of her face, the gigantic teeth that made it look like she could eat oats though a fence), and a man in drag).
    Tonya had speed and power , could do the spiral without having to hold her leg (which is harder to do than the kerrigan spiral by the way), had better jumps and spins, etc.
    We are all entitled to our opinions about Tonya and Nancy. Yours is obviously much different than mine.

    From everything I ever heard or read Tonya got off easy.
    I thought a couple of years in jail in addition to the lifetime ban would have been more appropriate.

    Tonya took the deal that was offered, and if she was innocent I don't know why she would have accepted what she later claimed was harsh treatment.

    I don't know that much about Agnes but she does not appear to come from a wealthy family. But what she has achieved so far has been from her own hard work and sacrifices from her family.

    Tonya and her cohorts apparently wanted more than what they were sure Tonya was capable of achieving fair and square out on the ice. Nancy on the other hand was thrust into a scandal not of her own making and a storm of publicity she never asked for.

    Certainly rehabbing an injury caused by an assault and dealing with so much press attention is not the ideal way to prepare for the Olympics

    I have no time for people like Tonya whether they are a talented skater or anything else.
    The time in jail might have been good for Tonya although I can't be sure about that.

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    Tonya was only convicted of knowing after the fact which she has admitted. I don't think she had any prior knowledge of what her hubby and his friends had planned. I have a hard time believe she could have skated as well as she did at Nationals if she had any knowledge- you saw what the pressure did to her in Norway. Check out her short and long programs at 94 Nationals- they were much better than her olympic performances (and better than Nancy's performances at the olympics as well). Tonya and Midori Ito were the only 2 female skaters at that time that could do a 3axel, and look how long we had to wait until other girls started trying them.
    To me, Nancy was a less than mediocre skater who got lucky in Lillehammer. It was one of the few long programs Nancy skated that wasn't a total mess (see Nancy's 92 olympic lp or 93 world's lp ). Nancy was gifted many medals when doing simpler programs with more mistakes than others (usually Tonya and Surya, but a few others as well).
    Tonya really should of had the bronze in 1992.

    Tonya was an excellent jumper and spinner, had great speed and power, a gorgeous ina bauer, she did the spiral correctly without having to hold her leg , etc. Nancy was as slow as a snail, was percevied as elegant because of the vera wang dresses, but was really awkward and clumsy on the ice. Nancy was also one of the weakest female spinners as well.

    Tonya was more than capable of beating the far less talented Nancy if the skating were the only thing being judged. Nancy got a lot of breaks because some judges just liked the way she looked with the long legs (personally I thought Nancy was very homely.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmk View Post
    (personally I thought Nancy was very homely.).
    Neither one of them were drop dead gorgeous. I honestly think they were well matched physically and athletically. One came from $$, but had a great back story with her mother being legally blind, and her brother having a mental disability. Tonya came from nothing, had a crappy childhood, and still managed to succeed. The problem was she seemed to lose focus on the skating, and worried about what everyone else was doing and where they would place in relation to her. I was a huge fan of hers and was devastated that she had any part in it. Personally I feel she did have knowledge of it, it makes no sense to me why someone would just go and beat the snot out of some ice princess if they weren't set to gain something. Tonya's actions after the fact, even years later, don't help her case. She was banned for unsportsmanlike conduct. She may not have been the one to whack Nancy, but she knew something - by her own (lawyer written) admission. Even if she hadn't been banned - none of the key skaters of the day wanted to be part of something she was in. So *shrugs* she'd have dropped out eventually anyway.

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    While Tonya's financial situation seems well documented, I don't think it is quite accurate to say that Nancy came from $$. (Unless there are other codes, like $$$ or $$$$ LOL like the restaurant price ratings.

    I was a fan of Tonya's incredible athleticism. The triple axel she delivered at Skate America during the Olympic seasons had the most conviction from a female skater that I can recall. Everything outside of jumping ... not a fan.

    Nancy did well in packaging herself. Clean and elegant Vera Wang costuming was refreshing coming from the over-decorated 80s look. Even using original music, composed by Mark Militano (former pairs champion) IIRC was a solid approach to making oneself standout.

    The only semblance I see of Agnes with Tonya is the strong jumping, but even the characteristics of their jumping don't really make me draw the link all that quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ks777 View Post
    well I guess you were too young to remember perhaps. I don't know anyone who skated to music like " people are still having sex" other than Tonya.

    1992 sp "people are still having sex"
    If you are referring to the title I agree it was a very controversial choice. However the title of the piece was listed as "La Tour", so I don't think Tonya choosed that song to create a controversy, but rather because she liked the music. Who knows... If you are reffering to the music genre itself, I'm sorry, I don't find anything controversial in that music, it's a normal house music piece and she was far from the only skater that picked that kind of music. Now it is uncommon, but in the 80s and 90s it was way more common among skaters. Just remember Bourne/Kraatz's "Love Parade" program.

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