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Thread: Flowers/weeds....lesson/practices 12/1-12/7

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    Flowers/weeds....lesson/practices 12/1-12/7

    I will start the first session for the the month of December.

    Flowers: Salchow. I still have it even after being off ice for the past week with the stomach flu.

    Weeds: Spins, and entry into the spin. Am I making this thing harder than it is? I can visualize what is required but the ole skates just don't want to follow the lead of my brain. I have another lesson this morning so hopefully we can straighten this out.

    As I write this it is snowing like the end of the world. Snow squalls are moving through the region at the mement and it is beginning to look very festive and winterlike.

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    Back on the ice after a week off

    Flowers-I found another way to the ice rink that cuts off about 10 miles. Yippy!!!
    Waltz, salchow, toe loop were all pretty good. Entering into my spins I am getting better on holding that left outside edge before I start my spin.

    Weeds-I was freezing cold in the ice rink!! I'm still cold

    Figureskates-no snow where I live (San Diego, CA), just sunny, sunny, sunny.

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    Synchro on Monday pretty much sprouted roses--its coming together nicely, and my hubby skating "smaller" and slightly keeping his line closer to mine ended the "mohawk connection problem." The routine is shaping up nicely for the exhibition. I'm still unsure about continuing, though. If we're going to learn synchro technique, then fine. If its just going to be continuing as is and just learning a routine for show or competition, I don't think I will continue. I want to mainly learn good technique. We'll see how it goes.

    The new artistic program is still in the "bud" stage, but its shaping up. We've gotten all the choreography together, now I just have to do it!!! Its rather packed, but I think I can handle it.

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