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Thread: Performances to remember!

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    Performances to remember!

    Everybody loves the exhibition yet how about the competition? Which is the performance you will remember?

    There were few performances that took my breath away. First of all, it was Faiella/Scali free dance. I’d just watched the ‘Manolete’ movie so I was in the right mood but anyway I think it’s their best performance ever. Besides, I never really liked them before. Then there were – of course! – Kerrs and their free dance; another touching Muse routine. Do they ever underperform? I’ll also remember Berntsson’s short program. A bit of drama from him – not a sporting drama this time – I liked it.

    I guess this is my Top 3. What’s yours?

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    Sarah's long was the most beautiful! Maybe not in terms of choreography and technical difficulty but for the meaning and the passion she gives her. I'm a big big fan of carolina so teorically I should consider sarah the adversary of carolina since 2007 but I started crying just after her skate! I'm so happy she won! Perfect ending of this european!

    Caolina's long was another performance that will remains with me...not perfect but she didn't give up after the disaster of the short...kiira did the rest but carolina's put pressure on her.
    Same thing with Joubert long! I'm starting to like it and it has been ages since I last saw him skating with such confidence.

    Faiella Scali made me cry as last year! A pity that things didn't go as they whished but I'm proud of them!

    Berton/Hotarek'short! I thought it was the best short of the night! It's just gorgeous!!

    Kavaguti/Smirnov long..never like them so much but their long this year is the best they've ever done!

    But the highlight of the competition for me wasn't a program but the ladies podium! Seeing sarah screaming of joy after her score, carolina and kiira embracing after having seen that sarah had won (someone on italian board that was in bern said that carolina's started crying seeing sarah's emotion after she realized she had won), stephane interviewing sarah almost crying, seeing sarah holding tears on the podium waving to the audience so happily, seeing carolina and kiira congratulating with her really happy for her success was the best end for this europeans! Competition is competition but friendship is something else and these three girls were a perfect example.

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    Sarah's long for sure! That was amazing! Kiira's short, just beautiful.
    I/K's FD, a joy to watch!
    And K/S's LP, one of the best I've ever seen from any pair

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    Kiira's SP. Simple, beautiful, elegant.
    Sarah's LP. Not terribly difficult, but I could feel she's going for it.
    K/S LP. Wow. The best pairs long program in a long time.
    F/S FD. Love the attack.

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    Sarah's LP
    Brian's LP
    KVDP's LP
    Kavaguti/Smirnov LP
    Berton/Hotarek SP
    Savchenko/Szolkowy SP
    Gerboldt/Enbert SP
    Kerrs SD and FD

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    Brian's LP (too bad about his short, he would have won)
    Kerrs SD
    Berton/Hotarek SP
    Sarah's LP (so happy for her)
    Kavaguti/Smirnov LP (should have won)

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    Sarahs LP! well deserved victory
    Kiiras SP
    Kavaguti/Smirnovs LP (saw that live, and they really should have won)

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    Kiira's SP <3
    Sarah's FP and the emotions that followed
    S/S SP. Absolutely amazing!
    P/B's SD & FD. Well deserved gold medalists.

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