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Thread: Level 4 layback

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    Level 4 layback

    It appears that Alyssa and Marai do the same layback but alyssa is getting level 3 in both short and long. What am I missing?

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    Yea I asked that too before about Alissa. All season long her layback has been L3, maybe a couple of times it received L4 I believe, but I think it has to do with not holding the position long enough or something like that. I'm pretty sure the experts will come here shortly to clarify

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    Just a quick double check... Alissa got L4 on her layback in the SP at Sectionals, Skate Canada, and TEB. Nationals, & GPF where L3. Same stats apply to her LP as well.
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    Well, what level features did Alissa get ratified? The protocols don't show, but I'm guessing she was possible aiming for:

    1) Difficult variation in a basic position
    8) At least 8 rev. without changes in pos./var., foot, edge
    9) One change of position backwards-sideways or reverse, at least 3 revs. in each position
    10) Biellmann position after layback spin (SP - after 8 revolutions in layback spin)

    Alissa does backwards-sideways-> haircutter -> Biellmann -> holds for 8 revs.

    Which should give her level 4, but maybe she missed a detail like revolutions or repeated a feature. Which one I don't know.

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    I could be wrong, but I thought Alissa was a bit short a revolution in the haircutter spin. A shame she'd lose points on that spin! Her's is so exquisite!

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    The haircutter is my least favorite variation in the layback, especially if the skater can go for a biellmann. Why have burger when you can have steak? Freaking COP idiocy strikes again, prizing complexity over quality. I would like to see the rules change to discourage so many goddamn haircutter spins, or at least allow skaters who can do a Biellmann to skip them.

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    Although the position and speed of her initial layback position are gorgeous, her shoulders are not parallel to the ice. This means the side leaning variation doesn't count because she doesn't show enough variation. However, if she removes the classic position and goes straight to the side she will get a level 4:
    1 for the side leaning, 2 for the haircutter, 3 for the beillman, and 4 for holding the biellmann for 8.

    It's a stupid rule, but rules are rule.

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