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Thread: Jr. Worlds Entries (all countries)

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    same problem here after 4 or 5 pages of downloading it just says access denied, I live in Canada

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    This is the official website. It has the download button too. But I do not read Korean.

    It took a a while to figure it out. The other software is Afreeca (? spelling). After you download the softwares, you need to install it. If you can use the Google translate to translate the SBS site, you will find it on the bottom right corner of the web page, there is "customer contact". It has questions and answers about setting up the program. The actual internet TV format is very similar to PPTV. Sorry, I am not good at computers and do not know how to copy the actual web pages here to show you.

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    Ok, one more try. If you can go to this page and have Google translate to English, it can guide you to install all the softwares needed. Apparently, you also need Silverlight. I copy and paste the instructions here. But you won't be able to click it to download. Remeber this is auto translate by Google. So it may sound wired.

    Gorilla 3.0 Installing and running

    1. Silver Light (audio / video playback) +2. Gorilla +3 after removal of the installation. Africa needs to install.

    1. OK Installing Silverlight> Remove> installation method.

    - Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs> microsoft silverlight to remove the presence.

    - Click Next to install a stable hasieo Silverlight.

    [Install Silverlight hareogagi]

    2. Ape 3.0 is removed and reinstalled.

    - [Gorilla 3.0]Click the top of the screen pop hasieo> File Download> Run> Run> Modify / Repair / Remove, select Remove to jegeojung.

    - [Gorilla 3.0]Hasieo Click Setup again.

    3. Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add and remove programs from the [afreeca streamer (SBS) remove]

    - [African trimmer switch installation]Click to run sequentially.

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