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Thread: Training sessions reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by colleen o'neill View Post
    A moustache is the perfect complement to both his programs...gotta love the guy !
    That is unfair competition!

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    Not to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by demarinis5 View Post
    I can't wait to see Tessa and Scott skate their FD.

    Thanks for the video clip of Dai. I am glad he has worked on his spins to up his levels.
    I noticed he has a mustache. I like it.
    I didn't know how I read your this post? Last night, I was in hurry, quickly went through the thread and read you were talking about Tessa and Scott. Then I read about mustache. I thought: "Oh, my, Scott has a mustache!" I worried. After I watched V/M SD this morning, I came back to this thread. Found out that I totally messed up.
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    Mao practice clips:

    She is looking good! Good luck Mao!

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