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Thread: What do you want to see at Worlds ...Ladies

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    What do you want to see at Worlds ...Ladies

    Thanks IP for coming up with the original idea for this thread.

    That said here's what I want to see:

    ** Rachael to get a ratified 2A-3L and a 3F-3T in her long program. I think it is gutsy of her to try this layout and is much more realistic then the 3Z-3L she was looking to do earlier this season (and never did).

    ** Continuing on that thread, I would like to see Rachael/Alissa to get three spots back. Any combination will do, but would be great if either one of them could sneak for a medal and the other finishes it off with at least a top 10 finish.

    ** Miki to prove her naysayers wrong and win the title. I was very "eh" on her last year but clearly there is some sort of inner resolve in her, and that has made me an admirer of her skating. That said, I think to win this, I would like her to do it with a 3Z-3L. I know she can do it, we've seen it in practice. She just has to go for it!

    ** Actually, I wouldn't mind if Mao won the title either. It's been a nitty gritty journey for her this year, and she has not let up on her efforts to get those jumps ready. I would like fully rotated 3As for both SP/LP, no flutz and maybe a 3F-3L combo?

    ** I'm looking forward to see how Yuna develops in her artistry, particularity with her Airang program. I think she could bring the house down and run away from the title also.

    ** I would like to see Carolina with a Lutz/Flip jump. I do like her LP, but the lack of difficult content makes it hard for me to be a full on fan.

    ** I think I'd like to see Min-jung Kwak with a top 12 finish. This is unlikely given her competitors, but I thought she had a decent performance at 4CC. She did finish ahead two of the three Canadians. And I think she could give the European skaters a run for their money as well.
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