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Thread: Emmitt Smith

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    Emmitt Smith

    (Through Week 2) 9/15/02

    **Walter Payton had 16,726 yards, and
    Barry Sanders had 15,269

    Emmitt lacks 413 rushing yards to pass the late great Walter Payton for 1st all-time.


    Do you want Emmitt Smith to pass Walter Payton

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    Re: Barry Sanders

    As a Detroit Lions fan (stop laughing!) I was so disapponted that Barry decided to retire instead of going for the record. He was a classy player, but IMHO he just didn't have that "eye of the tiger" that athletes who obsess on success need.

    More power to Emmitt.


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    Marching steadily onwards

    Week 3, Emmitt gained 52 rushing yards, he needs 414-52 = 362 yards.

    Emmitt passed Payton in the # of rushing attempts today.

    (Payton), Smith, and Sanders (was) are classy guys.

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    Re: Marching steadily onwards

    Eltamina, our mutual friend Ed just called me to ask if we can infer from this thread that you are a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan.

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    Re: Marching steadily onwards

    Professor Mathman, please tell Ed that I am a loyal Emmitt fan, and a casual Cowboy fan. Emmitt Smith is a classy guy, and a good role model for kids. I hope he remains healthy and reach that magic #. He has been keeping > 170 game winning, record breaking footballs over the years. If he breaks THE record, he will only keep 4 - 5, and auction off the rest for charity.

    BTW, tell Ed hello, I am impressed with his work ethics. Gee he checked out the Magic Flute libretto!!!, JW is lucky to have Ed.

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    Ed checked out the Magic Flute libretto

    ...and forgot to return it to the library and just now had to pay a $1.20 fine. It would have been worse without your reminder.

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    Who is Emmitt Smith

    A nice (lengthy) article

    Congressional Black Caucus Chair to Honor Emmitt Smith
    September 12, 2002, 5:29 p.m. (CDT)

    Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson will honor legendary Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith for his leadership and public service this Saturday with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chair's Award, given during the 2002 CBC Foundation Annual Legislative Conference Awards Dinner and Gala. The Gala will be held from 8-11 p.m. at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

    Congresswoman Johnson selected Smith to receive the annual Chair's Award because of his outstanding contributions to local and national charities and youth programs. The award is given to leaders in all disciplines whose work has improved the lives of millions of African Americans. The 2001 recipient was former President Bill Clinton.

    "Emmitt Smith has become Dallas's goodwill ambassador to the world through his dedication to improving the lives of young people everywhere. As an athlete, he has left a tremendous mark on professional football. As a philanthropist, however, he has left an ever deeper mark on our nation's youth. On behalf of the 38 Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, I am proud to present him with this special award to honor his contributions as a role model and public servant," Congresswoman Johnson said.

    Congresswoman Johnson has lauded Smith for his work in aiding programs for youth and children in a range of areas from student mentoring to anti-drug education to physical fitness. Among the numerous activities Smith has championed throughout his career, he has served as the Cowboys' United Way spokesman and supported Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The Kidney Foundation, Oak Cliff (TX) Little League, Buckner Children's Home of Texas, The Salvation Army, American Lung Association, the Battered and Abused Children's Foundation, B.A.D (Boxers Against Drugs) and Theater Arts for Youth. He has also worked with children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, hosting many visits with children at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch practice facility during the season.

    Smith also co-founded the Open Doors Foundation, a not-for-profit that supports organizations and faith-based programs to provide educational, motivational and financial services to today's youth, with a special emphasis on narrowing the digital divide. In June 2002, he was appointed by President Bush in June 2002 to serve on the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

    Throughout his 12-year career, Smith has put together an outstanding resume of accomplishments as a star running back. He has led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles while also claiming Super Bowl (XXVIII) MVP honors. In 1993, he won the National Football League Most Valuable Player Award. Smith is the winner of four NFL rushing titles and is the first player in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards in 11 consecutive seasons. He is the NFL's career rushing touchdown leader career, and currently ranks second all-time in total rushing yards.

    During the gala, Smith will join an impressive roster of international political and business leaders who will also be honored. His Excellency Festus G. Mogae, President of the Republic of Botswana, will receive the Annual Legislative Conference Chairman's Award for his work to foster economic development and combat HIV/AIDS. Kenneth Chenault, Chairman & CEO of the American Express Company and Mr. Richard Parsons, Chairman of AOL/Time Warner, will be recipients of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Chairman's Award to honor their leadership as top-ranking African Americans in the business community.

    The CBC Foundation will also honor Congresswoman Carrie Meek (D-FL); Congressman Julian Dixon (D-CA) (posthumously); New York State Comptroller H. Carl McCall; and Donna Brazile, former campaign manager to Vice President Al Gore.

    The Annual Legislative Conference Awards Dinner and Gala is the premier event of the 2002 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference. The ALC, founded more than three decades ago by the Congressional Black Caucus, is one of the most successful annual gatherings of African American civic, business, religious, and political leaders in the country. It is the mission of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, (CBCF), to engage in nonpolitical, nonpartisan research and policy analysis on issues of concern to African Americans and the under-served population. To that end, the CBCF continues to educate African Americans in the political, legislative and public arenas. More than 30,000 attendees are expected.

    Due to football season travel restrictions, Smith's award will be accepted on his behalf at the event by his wife, Pat. Mrs. Smith is a successful actress is actively involved in the Metroplex community, promoting literacy and breast cancer awareness. She was also the first African American woman to win the title of Miss Virginia and is a former first runner-up at the Miss USA Pageant.

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    Re: Role Model

    And isn't Smith one of the few Cowboys not indicted for something or other.


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    Role Model

    In his 13 years of NFL, living in a fish bowl, he has never said /done anything inappropriate. He behaves in a manner appropriate to the dignity of a superbowl champ/ MVP. He worked in the off seasons to complete his college degree. He is a good role model.

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    Re: Role Model

    What an imprssive resume, both on and off the field. He's the Michelle Kwan of professional football.

    According to today's paper, he's has 362 yards to go. Go, Emmitt!

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    Week 4

    #22 rushed for 58 yards today.

    The Countdown:
    Emmitt lacks 304 rushing yards to pass the late
    great Walter "Sweetness" Payton for 1st all-time.

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    Re: Week 4

    I hope that Emmitt gets the record this year, then retires.

    I was just reading about the death of the great Pittsburgh Steeler center Mike Webster at age 50. Undersized at 250 pounds, he anchored the offensive line for 17 years. He was so beat up physically and mentally that after he retired he had nothing but one health problem after another, mostly, I gather, from being hit on the head about 100 times a game for 17 years.

    In the Lions’ victory today (NOT A MISPRINT!) Desmond Howard returned the opening kickoff 60 yards to set up the Lions’ first score. In the ensuing celebration 350 pound defensive lineman Robert Porchet gave him a congratulatory bang on the head, which aggravated Howard’s old neck injury, and he had to sit out the rest of the game.


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    Week 5

    M-it rushed for 70 yards today.

    He needs 304 - 70 = 234 yards. :lol:

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    If I could choose anyone to take the long standing record from "Sweetness" it would be Emmitt Smith. Now I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys, never have, never will. HOWEVER, I have always liked Emmitt! He is a phenomenal player/leader/sports icon. He is a wonderful role model too.


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    Week 6

    59 yards today

    234 - 59 = 175 yds

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