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Thread: Figure Skaters in Commercials

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    Savchekno & Szolkowy, Brian Joubert, Carolina Kostner were shown towards the end of this 3-minute "Welcome to Gothenburg" ad, plus Kristoffer Berntsson and Team Surprise (well, it's either that or a throng of Koffeholic fangirls ) shout out something in Swedish. I could only make out the word "Göteborg": (Scroll down the page to watch the video.)

    Koffe was also featured in this (somewhat corny) 2008 Worlds commercial:

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    I always liked Kristi's contact lens commercial, which was actually quite a lot of work for her: she had extensive dialogue, and she had to act a bit, all of which she did charmingly. ("Ever since I won the gold, people want me to change.") The "swimsuit calendar" moment was hysterical--her all covered up with a towel and a bathing cap, looking frazzled. The humorous, low-key tone suited her personality, and the commercial advertised the product really well.

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    Yuna singing:

    Yuna dancing (and singing in the background):

    Her CFdebut in 2006:

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Alissa in the new, excellent Chrysler commercial.

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    It's in the first post, crazydreamer...

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    This skating champion passed up commercials, broadcasting offers and a chance to headline Ice Capades and explains why in this article.

    "I was so passionate about skating, and I believe you have to be passionate about what you do. I didn't have the passion to be a Hollywood star."

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