View Poll Results: Who is the greatest ladies figure skater of all time?

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  • Sonja Henie

    5 5.21%
  • Katarina Witt

    8 8.33%
  • Michelle Kwan

    25 26.04%
  • Kim Yu-Na

    36 37.50%
  • Mao Asada

    12 12.50%
  • Tara Lipinski

    2 2.08%
  • Kristi Yamaguchi

    1 1.04%
  • Oksana Baiul

    0 0%
  • Carol Heiss

    1 1.04%
  • Other

    6 6.25%
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Thread: Who is the greatest ladies figure skater of all time?

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    Who is the greatest ladies figure skater of all time?

    A while back on the Michelle Kwan forum, the question was asked as to who was the greatest female figure skater of all time. Not surprisingly, given that the site is frequented mostly by Michelle's fans, Michelle won by a very long distance. Michelle is certainly one of the main candidates, but lets see if a more objective view can be arrived at as to who is the greatest ever female figure skater of all time.

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    Oksanafan-did you know you can vote on your own poll...or did you vote for Katarina or Michelle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    Oksanafan-did you know you can vote on your own poll...or did you vote for Katarina or Michelle?
    Despite the fact that my favourite skater is Oksana Baiul, I think Katarina was the greatest. Winning two Olympic gold medals in the modern era takes some doing.

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    I dont know who is the greatest. In the pairs, dance, and mens I feel like there are 2 or 3 extremely worthy of the title. In ladies I sort of feel like while there are so many outstanding skaters there are none that are really worthy of the title:

    Henjie- best medal haul, but seriously how much stock can you put in her record considering the time.

    Witt- best modern day record, but can anyone seriously say technically and artistically she is a better skater than people like Kwan, Yamaguchi, Kim, and others who followed her, or a better pure skater than previous stars like Hamill.

    Ito- doesnt have the competitive record needed.

    Yamaguchi- not a long enough time on top as an amateur.

    Kwan- no Olympic Gold, not as dominant competitively (on the World scene) in her time as Witt, Yamaguchi, Fleming, Heiss, and others in theirs. Hefty medal haul largely based on longevity.

    Kim- not nearly enough big titles yet to be worthy of the title.

    Asada- same as Kim.

    Slutskaya- not the # of big titles nor the skating quality to be the greatest ever.

    Fleming and Hamill- I dont think any of them are seriously considered as the greatest ever, as impactful as they all were.

    Lynn- no major titles at all.

    I think the title should be left vacant for now, like the 94 U.S ladies titles. There are alot of women who seem fitting for the 5th greatest of all time, none for the greatest.

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    I'd say the top three of all time were Henie, Witt and Kwan, but I can't just choose one, because skating was at different levels when all three of them were on top. Henie has the most impressive resume, Witt was the best technically and Kwan was the best artistically IMO.

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    I voted for Michelle Kwan because I think she is a better SKATER than all the other choices. I also voted for her because of her longevity. Even though she didn't win any Olympic golds, she was dominant for almost ten years and managed to be on the podium at two Olympics and I think every world championship since '96 (correct me if I'm wrong). There were also her 9? or is it 8? US titles. If we're looking at results only, a case could be made for Katarina Witt with two OGMs but she wasn't as dominant for as long, and her skating skills just weren't as nice as Michelle's. I also considered voting for Yu-Na Kim, but I don't think she's dominated long enough to establish herself as the best. Maybe in a few years, if she continues her impressive results, she can be called that..

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