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Thread: Oda and the quake

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    Oda and the quake

    Japanese skater Oda watches and waits in Canada

    Write-up by Beverley Smith on Oda as well as Japanese and other skaters affected by the quake.

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    Thanks, SF. This is a very informative article, mentioning the whereabouts of other Japanese skaters as well as Oda: Shizuka, Mao, Daisuke, and so on. Great to know that so far, they have checked in and are safe.

    At times like this, I realize that one of the advantages of the connections we make in today's global village is that we can be aware of so many more people and can share in their accomplishments. One of the disadvantages of the connections is that John Donne's words about no man being an island have become even more true. When there's an earthquake in Japan, we worry about people whose lives we have shared on some level. We can't be cool about even the most distant of tragedies. It's definitely more stressful than blissful ignorance, but I wouldn't go back to the old ways nonetheless.

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    I hope Oda does make it to the Tokyo Worlds. He's a very good contender with flexible knees second to Chan.

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