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Thread: Michelle participates in woman's mentoring event at White House

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    Michelle participates in woman's mentoring event at White House

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    How nice! Thanks for linking to these. I spotted Michelle in the back row of the group photo. I think many of us who have had opportunities don't realize how meaningful it is to provide role models to kids who might not have so many. How do they know what's out there if all they see is dead ends?

    I was kind of depressed today when I read that some Rutgers University student organization paid one of the girls from that Jersey Shore reality show a five-figure fee to deliver a "speech" at the college. (I put the word in quotes because I'm trying unsuccessfully to imagine this personage drafting a presentation, with paragraphs.) This year's commencement speaker at Rutgers will be Nobel laureate Toni Morrison...who will earn a lower fee than this Snooki. So I'm especially grateful to see Michelle and her accomplished cohorts being given center stage at the White House.

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    Aw, thanks MM. That photo of Michelle and Evan at Rise is sweet - Frank's two most successful students at the premier of a movie that is so personal to him.
    Michelle looks gorgeous as usual. She had developed a great personal style and she wears her fame as graciously as ever. No wonder she's so beloved.

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