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Thread: Ladies - Short Program

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    Chill, everyone,
    I don't see why +1 becomes public nuisance. I have seen too many protocols containing -2 to +2 at one element. And judges tend to apply independently GOE points to each element as long as it meets GOE requirement. I too think, though, it's a mistake but it's not so abnormal as to outage. It's just Ms. Kim's skating solidity. In fact, I would have given her at least two or three points higher PCS than Ando. It's very difficult to beat Kim systematically. The basic strategy Orser has in the past developed for Kim was one-up in every element, which became a brick for Kim to lean onto, and her technical margin also contributes to this close win even when she blew a big chunk of points at jump.

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    I admire Asada for her determination, for trying the most difficult content. But really, she doesn't need a triple axel in the short. If she just did her triple flip-double toe, triple loop, and a double axel cleanly, she would have easily been in the top 3, and maybe her PCS would have risen to its rightful level. Her strategy should be to set herself to win the long program rather than take unnecessary risks to win the short program! No medals for winning the short program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YunaBliss View Post
    Well, again, I understand you have a passionate view on this, but you admitted yourself that is not how it works in practice, and many judges do not follow your approach. And I believe it should not be applied the way you believe it should apply. What you are saying is that a failed combo deserves negative GOE for fall/step-out on the first jump AND additional negative GOE for not have preceding steps for the jump that suddenly is deemed as a solo jump, thus ensuring that the final GOE is -3. That sounds like an unfair double jeopardy to me, and practically, fall/step-out will ensure that the skater receives negative GOE in any event (which Yuna did receive).
    YunaBliss, I think you don't get Blades of Passion's point.

    You said in other post:
    My point is, Yuna's jump was not intended to be a solo jump. Just because she couldn't complete the combo, you can't retroactively treat it as if it were intended to be a solo jump and apply this rule. Rather, the other penalties apply for failing to complete her combo - e.g. fall or step-out.
    The penalty for failing to complete her combo (in the event she wouldn't have converted her solo jump into a combo) would be 3Lutz+ COMBO, wich means she would receive 80% of the base value of the lutz (4.8 pts) instead of the full base value of a Lutz (6.00 pts). You must add to that deduction the negative GOE for the step out (usually -2.00 GOE).

    But since she converted her next jumping pass into a combo (to avoid the Lutz + COMBO penalty), the first jump counts as the solo jump and must be treated as such. In this case, according to the rules of the Short Program, the solo jump must be "immediately proceeded by connecting steps and/or by other comparable Free Skating movements”

    Since her 3Lutz didn't fulfil this requirement (for whatever reason), deduction in GOE is mandatory even if the jump was completed succesfully. The step out on the landing just adds to the negative GOE, and that's why Blades of Passion says it should have received -3.00 GOE (mandatory element missed + imperfect landing).

    Does this help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YunaBliss View Post

    Tracy Wilson's commentary on Yuna's SP.
    Thanks for the link. The commentator isn't Tracy Wilson. I believe it's PJ Kwong.

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