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    Ladies - Long Program

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Irina MOVCHAN UKR 23 45.68
    2 Elena GLEBOVA EST 20 46.28
    3 Viktoria HELGESSON SWE 24 45.40
    4 Juulia TURKKILA FIN 22 45.70
    5 Bingwa GENG CHN 19 47.89
    6 Jenna MCCORKELL GBR 21 45.99

    Warm-Up Group 2
    7 Cheltzie LEE AUS 18 48.20
    8 Elene GEDEVANISHVILI GEO 15 51.61
    9 Amelie LACOSTE CAN 14 51.98
    10 Ira VANNUT BEL 17 49.23
    11 Joshi HELGESSON SWE 16 50.25
    12 Cynthia PHANEUF CAN 13 52.62

    Warm-Up Group 3
    13 Sarah HECKEN GER 12 52.73
    14 Kiira KORPI FIN 9 55.09
    15 Kanako MURAKAMI JPN 10 54.86
    16 Mao ASADA JPN 7 58.66
    17 Mae Berenice MEITE FRA 11 53.26
    18 Rachael FLATT USA 8 57.22

    Warm-Up Group 4
    19 Miki ANDO JPN 2 65.58
    20 Alena LEONOVA RUS 5 59.75
    21 Yuna KIM KOR 1 65.91
    22 Alissa CZISNY USA 4 61.47
    23 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 6 59.75
    24 Ksenia MAKAROVA RUS 3 61.62

    I'm so excited!

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    Me too! Weekend is here, so I can watch alle the programs! What a way to end the season...

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    I'm so excited for later!

    Miki looks strong and for me, she may win it if she gives a flawless program

    Alena, she may get nervous if she hears high scores from Miki or she may have a lights off performance because she is in her hometown

    Yu-Na , I guess will give a nice performance, she may win if she skates clean or get the silver

    Alissa-if she relaxes and believes a medal may be in sight, hope she skates without pressure and delivers a performance worthy of a world-champion or medalist! I wish her all the best!

    Hope she doesn't get intimidated after Yu-Na skates

    Carolina-she may medal or not, I wish her all the best and I love her skating! She has improved so much! I feel she may have a few errors or may fall which I don't want to happen.

    Ksenia may have a dream skate in my opinion, she also may medal

    I believe MAO will have one heck of a performance and may medal as well, possibly catch the bronze or silver, she may do 2 triple axels already.

    Kanako may land in the top 5 with a 7 triple performance with her triple toe-triple toe combination

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    This is an amazing draw for everyone! Everyone may turn in an amazing skate. No one is in a position that they say they "hate" (Kim hates to skate last).

    The Russian fans will be screaming for Ksusha!

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    I'll be away all day tomorrow! Is there any place where I can download Ladies LP, so that I won't be spoiling myself?

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    Mao has been having 3A problems this week.... can she really fix it overnight? Nevertheless I will be enjoy the rest of her program.

    Quote Originally Posted by volk View Post
    I'll be away all day tomorrow! Is there any place where I can download Ladies LP, so that I won't be spoiling myself?
    The entire thing? Usually some YouTube channels have them in order.

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