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Thread: Heart Breaks Of Worlds 2011

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    Heart Breaks Of Worlds 2011

    Nobunari Oda - Another drama at Worlds and another medal slipped through his fingers after another excellent skate. He wasn't even on the ice at the gala to perform or to represent Japan like his teammates did.

    Nathalie & Fabian - Most unexpected and unfortunate fall during their wonderful Free Dance on their way to a Worlds medal. Extra two months of practising in the rink and the Evil Special Ice did them in at the crucial moment.

    Adrian Shultheiss - Another disastrous skate after a year of hard working lonely depressed existense. Didn't even make it to Mens LP. I wanted to cry with him. What is the poor boy gonna do now?

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    And Takahashi.

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    Mao Asada: heartbreaking to see her so slim and lifeless. Remember her 4 years ago, she was so full of life and her smile was the sweetest thing ever. I don't know what's coming next season for her, but I want to see her more happy. She was clearly affected by the earthquake at this worlds and it was sad to see her so depressed
    Brian Joubert: worst finish since 2002 even though he skated pretty well in the LP.

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    Yeah, all of these mentioned so far. I think the worst was Pechalat/Bourzat for me. I also feel bad for Rachael Flatt and Alissa Csizny, because I think both of them and their fans expected more here. Alexander Majorov too, because he really tanked that short program and along with Schultheiss lost Sweden all but one spot. Oh yeah, and I can't forget about the other two Canadian guys (besides Chan), Reynolds and Russell, having back to back meltdowns in the LP. I feel bad for Ryan Bradley too; although it was probably too much to expect to contend for a medal, he could have skated better and he seemed nervous, not his usual cheery self.

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    Heartbreak-Dai's boot problem. P/B 7th Worlds and finally in contention for a medal and then the fall,
    and Mao who looked like a shadow of her former self.

    A few disappointments but I won't list them because it is sport.

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    Takahashi, Mao but especially P/B :( :( :(

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