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Thread: 2011 National Pairs Champions end partnership; Coughlin to skate with Caydee Denney

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyria View Post
    In this interview, Coughlin states that he went, within one week, from a firm resolve to retire to a sudden, out-of-the-blue, supposedly never-before-considered decision to restart his whole career with a new partner. I find this completely and totally implausible. Then there is the vague comment that he and Caitlin "were no longer happy together." Really? It sure didn't seem that way at Nationals or Worlds.

    The article reeks of a public relations ploy attempting to build support for this new pair, who came together under very strange circumstances. Clearly Coughlin is aware he's not looking too good coming out of this and is seeking to repair the damage.
    Considering the vitriol they've received from fans (and probably insiders) thus far, this move is not surprising.

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    Coughlin broke up a viable partnership. I can believe he/she/they were no longer happy, regardless of their public face. The article definitely reads as a public relations ploy, but I don't think it's unfair.

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    No, I don't think it's unfair either.. what can we expect them to say after all , we couldn't stand each other ,so I dumped him/her when I saw there was another prospective partner available ?...or I'd been secretly keeping my eye open for about 6 mo's ?..or whatever... we wouldn't want them to stay together being miserable ,surely.

    I hope Caitlin can find a partner that looks a better match for her.

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