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    I'm personally interested in Anastasia GIMAZETDINOVA but there's not much written in Wikipedia.
    In the ISU bio it says:
    Date of birth: 19.05.1980
    Place of birth: Tashkent
    Height: 167 cm
    Home town: Tashkent
    Profession: sport instructor
    Hobbies: cars

    Gee I like her HOBBY.

    Anyone has more detail about her personality, personal history, etc?

    This past season she only showed herself up in the Asian Winter Games doing only the SP and withdrew from FS.
    But I think that means she is still eligible and the eldest female skater above Suguri.

    I've heard she's sort of a star in Uzbekistan. She has an air of Silkroad to me.

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    Anastasia's first world's was in 2000 but then did not qualify again for world's until 2003, she retired from 2004 but decided to comeback for the torino games in 2006 for which she qualified but her SP there was not good so she did not qualify for the free skate.

    From then on she did get much better, changed her SP at 2006 worlds and did a lovely SP there.

    Her next 2 world championships in the SP were good too, 2007 worlds she delivered a lovely SP with a triple lutz and double toe combo and in 2008 was even better and her choreography to that SP to "yes I loved you" was very much well received.

    2009 and 2010 were not her best and she scaled her jumps down to a triple toe and salchow only maybe the harder jumps were alluding her due to age/injury. But she did have another shot at the Vancouver games in 2010 even though she was a reserve and filled the spot due to the Israel's entry pulling out, but she did not skate that well even though she qualified for the free and finished in 23rd spot.

    We all thought that she would have retired from the sport after the 2010 season, but as you say she did turn up for the Asian Winter Games, maybe her last competition although she has not announced retirement yet!!

    She is renowned as a high jumper when she is on, a powerful skater, always skates to the music and her SP's are good. Her free skating always let her down and she found it hard to keep her SP position.

    Her best season was 2008. She placed 4th in the SP at 2008 4CC's and finished overall a creditable 9th.

    Her long time coach was Peter Kiprushev, she is married to a russian athlete.

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    Tracings gives her complete competitive history back to Nepala Trophy in 2001.

    Birth Date: May 19, 1980
    Birthplace: Tashkent
    Training Town: Pervouralsk (RUS)
    Coaching History: Peter Kiprushev
    Igor Ksenofontov (Former)

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    Thanks russell30 ! That gives life to Wiki's charts.

    Found her video:
    2007 Worlds SP
    2008 4CC SP

    Gizmo disappearing? That's something hard to get used to.

    ETA Thanks Doris too!

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    I never knew that Gizmo meant this !!! :

    So CUTE.

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