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Thread: Intrigue abounds after Mao sits out JSF training camp

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    Intrigue abounds after Mao sits out JSF training camp

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    Thanks for the interesting post, Japanice. I hope it's nothing more than Mao feeling a need to rest up a little.

    A couple of years ago Johnny Weir tried to get out of attending the USFSA Champs Camp, in part because of a heavy appearance schedule. The U.S. Federation made him attend the camp anyway.

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    Oh, no, I hope Mao is all right! It would be devastating if she...well, best not to think about it.

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    She's only human! I've said it a million times: She needs rest! She's been going full-out since her junior years! All of the competition leading up the Olympics and then suffering that let-down, all of the stuff she went through last year with switching coaches and learning new technique, finishing so low at her events (minus nationals and 4CC), and then the earthquake...I'm shocked her body didn't shutdown on her earlier. You can only push yourself so far before your body forces you to slow down. Mao needs to take some time to relax and have some fun. I would have loved to see her sit this season out (like Miki and Yu-Na) and just continue to practice and work on her technique without the pressure of competitions. I know she wants to work hard and everything, but the key to staying competitive over a long period is to pace yourself. Soichi is still a long ways away...she has time to take a break and come back. If she pushes herself too hard, she'll end up burning out before Soichi gets here...

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    Mao needs a break. I wouldn't blame a lot of skaters if they took a break this year. This is probably the best year to do it.

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    Mao and Koz appeared on Japanese variety show on 11th.

    From this program, Mao seems to be healthy and enjoying answering questions asked by comedian reporters.

    I do not have time to translate everything, but they asked:
    Why did they start skating?
    What do they do on holidays?
    who doe make up for comp?
    What type of boys/girls do you like?
    How do you prepare tissues for come?

    Mao said that she has never had a boyfriend before. Taka said that he likes a beautiful woman.\
    Mao' hobby' is shopping.
    They also has their own routines for comp. Taka cleans his room before the comp, and Mao always use left foot to step onto ice. ( or is it right?)
    Sorry, time is up for me. Enjoy the video.

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    Left foot for Mao. And she likes people who are old so that she can be led (can be as old as 30), interesting, good looking and kind.

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