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Thread: Summer Competitions in Japan

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    Summer Competitions in Japan

    Iizuka Cup
    August 4-7, Iizuka, Fukuoka

    There's no official results. Depending on what I found on blogs and tweets.

    In senior ladies, Akiko Suzuki won with the score of 180+. The only major error was a 1F in the FS. Overall, she skated very well in this early season but I don't think the international judges are so generous. The SP music is Edvin Marton's arrangement of Hungarian Rhapsody (Liszt), and the FS music is Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss II).

    In junior ladies, only SP scores of the top 2 were found.
    1. Kako Tomotaki 52.38 clean
    2. Yukiko Fujisawa 48.78 3T-3T 3Lz (two foot)

    Tomotaki won with the score of 150+ in total. She's very consistent as always, but I have no idea how much she can get at international competitions. Fujisawa (Iizuka is her home rink) attempted the 3A and failed again.

    Junior men's event almost looks like a preliminary round of junior nationals.
    1. Ryuju Hino 187.50 2nd in the SP, won with a clean FS including two 3A's.
    2. Keiji Tanaka 174.23 1st in the SP, has made too many errors in the FS.
    3. Yoji Tsuboi 156.83
    4. Sei Kawahara 146.00 His 3A is getting consistent, attempted a 4T (fall)
    5. Ryuichi Kihara 140.99 Trying to master 3A but can't hope too much for his age.


    Western Japan Junior-high and Elementary School (U-15) FS Competition, August 11-14, Otsu, Shiga

    Kanto Summer Trophy, August 13-15, Kofu, Yamanashi

    Tokyo Summer FS Competition, August 25-29, Tokyo

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    Western Japan U-15 Competition in Otsu

    Junior ladies (FS only)
    1. Satoko Miyahara 90.95
    2. Hinano Isobe 83.49
    3. Akari Katagiri 81.87
    4. Ibuki Mori 77.55
    5. Saya Suzuki 76.77
    WD Riona Kato

    Miyahara - 3Lz<<(fall), 3Lo, 3F, 3S<, 2A-3T, 3Lz-2T-2T<, 3T-2T
    Isobe - 3Lz-2T, 3F, 3T, 2A<, 3S-2T-2Lo, 2Lz, 3S

    Miyahara's first lutz was intended as the 3Lz-3T. She landed in the warmup and will land someday in a competition. Overall the scores (PCS) seem low compared to the contents, partially because many of them are newcomers from the novices. Miyahara skated at an ice show in South Korea in last week (video). That performance is supposed to be her SP. In a different video, she landed a clean 3F-3T. Not like past two years, she'd better focus on JGP rather than summer competitions.

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    Thanks for the posts about Japanese comps, I love reading about them. I hope Miyahara can land her 3Lz-3T someday.

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    NMURA, thanks for the updates!

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    Thank you so much! Glad to see Yukiko's still going strong. I hope the LP results are released soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malo42 View Post
    Thanks for the posts about Japanese comps, I love reading about them. I hope Miyahara can land her 3Lz-3T someday.
    She did succeeded 3L-3T with 2A-3T in second half at local competition. Clip of Satoko's junior national:

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