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Thread: JGP Tallinn Entries

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    Elegant =/= "good PCS mark". It can affect presentation and execution mark and interpretation if it's appropriate to the program choreography, but "fierce and free" can be a style as well which if pulled off in the context of the choreography can push the PE and IN mark just as high. You don't have to like that style and can choose to root for a different one, but why not embrace something different? I love the fact that people complain that everyone tries to skate "waif like" (baby ballerina/pretty little princess) and then when a lady skater chooses a different style of skating (fierce, or as Joe would have called it "bravura") everyone b----s about her PCS mark being too high and that her "skating isn't mature".

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    I always think Junior Grand Prix scores tend to be upwardly skewed, almost by the nature of the fact that in large fields, there will be a small handful of skaters (or a skater) at the top who stands out. And that fact alone is enough to drive the differential and make for a higher score than people may find "right" in the bigger picture/broader context. This seems especially true in dance, but can happen in singles obviously, and I think the top two ladies in this event warranted the differential step up. Whether they would score these same numbers in a senior event with a stronger field overall, is moot.

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