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Thread: 2011 Nebelhorn Trophy - Short Dance

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    News 2011 Nebelhorn Trophy - Short Dance

    Home crowd favorites Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi of Germany grabbed a
    narrow lead in the short dance as the Nebelhorn Trophy kicked off in Oberstdorf
    on Thursday.


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    Good Grief !!!..Another egregious costume crime , and they're repeat offenders ! I'm so opposed to SD's being taken in this's not a Halloween party. I'm hoping to see video from Nebelhorn eventually.. but as for now , having seen the costumes of the top 3 , I have to say that Hubbell & Donohue should get a huge bonus for tasteful , appropriate costumes and be in the lead by a mile.

    I find this really depressing because every year , I find much to like in Z/G's actual skating , and have a hard time ignoring their horrible costumes. This may be the worst yet.
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    Lol. "Good grief!" is probably warranted. I love the "Halloween party" analogy.

    THAT SAID ... my impression of Z/G has been that they have a pretty well defined "uniqueness" about them, in particular their approach to programs, costuming,... really the whole "package" It is like they have an affinity with Ice Theater or Cirque du Soleil sensibilities. And I kind of respect them for that. Very likely, their "package" does tend to stray from "convention" and will probably not fall into what would typically be considered "tasteful" I guess I sort of welcome them for their originality actually.

    As for who leads who by a mile, a glance at the protocols indicates that Z/G had trouble with twizzles actually. This field is actually very weak. Probably the weakest Nebelhorn in years, which is making for a good opportunity for many teams. Not a single team in the top 10 at Worlds or with meaningful Grand Prix series experience or success.

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    Were the knives necessary? I'd do a costume deduction for that.

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    Being new to ice dance, I watched several of the team's programs from the past on Youtube. To me it seemed that Z/G's programs look more like Theater on Ice than they do actual ice dance-is it only me?
    I hope there will be videos posted of the event-how long does it usually take before they start to be posted? Looking forward to seeing new partnership Hubbell/Donahue.

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    The videos from the Junior Grand Prix events are posted during the actual event!

    However, since Nebelhorn is not as far as I know being streamed or televised, we are relying on spectators to have filmed the event. And they may not have. Or if they do, they film only a couple of skaters.

    I do hope someone has filmed Z&S's performance, though & Hubbell & Donahue, for sure.

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    lcd.....I was only joking about H/D deserving to be ahead by a mile. I meant if the costumes decided the outcome. we've seen Z/G's in the picture accompanying the article..This pic of H/D was posted on FSU,( I think it's OK to post here)...sort of " classy Latin"

    I can't find a photo or video of R/H , and it's possible , from Kharis' comment about the costumer adding sequins , that it's now more covered than at Thornhill. I hope so, because it was far too naked.From the back she looked naked from the hip up (Kharis is a little bit zahftig, and from the back, little love handles were visible ).Most of her midriff was bare , except for a sequined strip down the centre. There was no real skirt, just a few rows of beaded fringe ( 2 or 3) that only reached the very top of her thigh. I really hope the costume is now more covered.
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