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Thread: Let's clean up the Goldenskate Main Forum Page

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    Let's clean up the Goldenskate Main Forum Page

    The "Current Season Competitions and Events" forums are currently listed much too low on the main forum page. I think a lot of people are missing these threads and it's pretty annoying to have to scroll all the way down to see them, when they are the key posting areas during those competition weeks!

    I would suggest moving all of these forums below the "Current Season Competitions and Events" section on the main forum page:

    * Le Cafe
    * For Sale
    * Multimedia Trade
    * Feedback
    * Testing Area
    * Archives

    I also personally think Synchronized Skating should be listed lower as well, because it is entirely different from other competitive skating (and objectively the level of activity and number of posts in this forum is extremely low), but I can see the purpose in trying to promote it.

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    We appreciate your input and have switched out the "Office" with "Competitions". Usually this is automatic, but I overlooked it when I added new folders for the new season

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