View Poll Results: Who is Canada's international star right now?

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  • Jeff Buttle

    48 54.55%
  • Emanuel Sandhu

    38 43.18%
  • Chris Maybee

    0 0%
  • Shawn Sawyer

    2 2.27%
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Thread: Best male skater in Canada right now??

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    I think that Emanuel Sandhu is capable of more than Jeffrey Buttle. Emanuel has the ability to land very beautiful jumps along with difficult ones, but he just has inconsistency.

    Emanuels jump technique is by far superior to all of the canadian skaters that I have seen, when he lands it, his 3axel is gorgeous, back positions etc...Jeffrey Buttle technique in his quad and 3axel could be very much improved...

    Presentation wise, I like the "out on a limb" approach that Sandhu takes when he skates to music that is a bit far fetched for amatuer skating.

    If all were to be just on one day, and put together 2 solid programs, Sandhu is the best....but i like both Sandhu/Buttle.

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    Why can't I vote for Ben Ferreira??

    k. (because he looks like Bruce Campbell)

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    With question, Eman Sandhu. The best? Yes. The most consistent? No.

    Everything is beautiful - jumps, spins, line, extension, edges, footwork - everything.

    Jeff's terrific, but those "lurchy" entrances into his jumps make me shiver.

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    Oh God too tough! I love Jeffs skating but I can see why Eman would be better. However in the long run I see Shawn Sawyer as having the potential to be better than all of them. He has a great gift and I just hope he can consistently nail the jumps to back it up! His Junior Worlds lp was awesome!!

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