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Thread: How to Ignore Other Posters

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    How to Ignore Other Posters

    Posters have mentioned from time to time that they would like the board to have an Ignore feature. In fact, GS has always had an Ignore feature. Here's how you use it:

    At the top of any page in the forum, in the upper right hand corner, you will see the word "Settings"

    Click on it.

    On the left hand side of the page that will be displayed will be a list of things you can change. Scroll down until you see the following entry in that list on the left hand of the page:

    "Edit Ignore List"

    Click on it and follow the directions to add posters to your ignore list.

    Be aware that while you will not see any posts by that poster after that, you will see places where other people have quoted the poster.

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    Note that this hides the posts by the member(s) you ignore, but you can still see their posts if someone quotes the post.

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    How to block someone from sending private messages to me?

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    You must "Ignore".

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