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Thread: Shizuka Arakawa

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    SP Music

    Originally posted by miki_tan
    Kryzler & Kompany
    Do you have any other info, like what album it is on? When I search Amazon, they don't list the track names of any of the Kryzler and Kompany albums, much less have a sample to listen to. Thanks for any help!

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    Thanks for the information, Miki Tan. Your posts about Japanese skaters are always full of interesting information.

    Johar, thanks for starting this thread and welcome to the Forum!


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    You're welcome. It's nice to know there are so many Arakawa fans on here. And thank you for the welcome.

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    It's in the album called "Red Room".

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    Thanks for the heads up on my spoiler faux paux. Edited it out ASAP. Sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone.

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    Originally posted by mzheng
    I was so angry last year she was under marked.
    When was she undermarked? I only saw her at Worlds (so I don't know about the other competitions), but the first event I thought of was the SP at Worlds because that's what people have been talking about, and in that programme she was actually *overmarked*. Some of the judges didn't deduct enough for the mistake on her spin.

    I also really like Shizuka's skating though. She is certainly interesting, and one to look out for. She seems to have been having a really good season so far. Hopefully it will continue (although I'll be rooting for Fumie to win Japanese nationals).

    Originally posted by Nadine
    That said, I'm still waiting for that unicorn, I know she's out there - maybe not this year, maybe not next, but one day (possibly in 10 or 50 yrs. from now) - the ONE that will be born that is a combination of Oksana Baiul's magical artistry & Midori Ito's equally magical athleticism. A needle in a haystack for me, but I'll be waiting. (;^)
    Me too! The combination of Oksana and Midori would be the ultimate, it really would. I was rewatching some of Oksana's programmes recently, mainly professional. She truly is incredible. Probably the best dancer on ice that I've ever seen, and so expressive. I hope she can come back really strong in her comeback (and that I'll get chance to see her skate on TV).

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    I as well as you love SHIZUKA.

    The animation of SHIZUKA can be seen by this website.
    It is mainly the thing of a domestic convention.

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