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Thread: Philippine National Figure Skating Championship

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    Philippine National Figure Skating Championship

    Junior Ladies Division:
    2nd runner up - Patrcia Camille Buensuceso
    1st runner up - Samantha Veloso
    Champion - Alisson Krystle Perticheto

    Senior Ladies Division:
    2nd runner up - Mericien Venzon
    1st runner up - Zhaira Costiniano
    Champion - Melissa Bulanhagui

    Senior Men Division:
    1st runner up - Maverick Clint Eguia
    Champion - Christopher Caluza

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    So Melissa did win! Good for her!

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    And finally, Philippines has a worthy rep for Worlds. Go Melissa!

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    Is it confirmed that Melissa and Christopher are competing for the Philippines internationally? Do they have their Philippine citizenship? I would be so excited to see the Philippines represented in Sochi and even the GPF circuit and I know these to have the talent to achieve this. I heard it's easy for Fil-ams to attain dual citizenship. I'm so glad that there are so many talented Filipinos in skating. In addition to these two there is Amanda Evora and Jessica Calalang in pairs. Anyone else?

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    Bulanhagui got her citizenship this fall, but can't represent the Philippines internationally until next season due to ISU rules. I don't think Caluza's ever competed internationally, but I don't know if he has citizenship yet.

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    Chris received his citizenship this summer. Unlike Melissa he can go to 4cc because he never represented the US internationally.

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