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Thread: Bacharach "Tribute On Ice" live show vs. the broadcast

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    Joesitz, I´m very glad that you were able to see Ilia´s "A House Is Not A Home" programme in the Bacharach show broadcast and liked it!

    Lots of skating fans who saw it live, have been impressed with his skating and expressiveness. I´m looking forward to get the tape soon (looking forward to the music also!). Until then I´m enjoying of Ilia´s skating in Ice Wars. I would say that "A House Is Not A Home" was very impressive there too, and one could see all of the programme, LOL.

    Rgirl, you mention SOI... I have read from Boitano´s Las Vegas show that Ilia skated to "Tango" ("Seisouso") from season 1998-1999 again. Let´s hope it will make the broadcast because it was a great performance!!! He skated to it in past season on the Japan tour also. I have always loved that programme (one of my biggest Ilia favourites) very much as the music and the choreography are so beautiful, full of sadness and passion.

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