Thank you everyone for responses. I am so delighted.

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Thanks a lot for your first-hand report on the last show, Paola D! I see he still retains that rather childish quirk of jumping up and down whenever he feels excited. As bubbly as always, but this bubbly, adorable and affable personality is probably what made all the uncles/aunties dote on him (Jeffrey, Johnny, Jeremy, etc). Based on what I've read from Japanese tweets, he also elatedly jumped like that upon seeing Stephane land a quad during June 2 afternoon show finale, after which he welcomed Stephane back with a high-five and they went around the rink, talking to each other. To think that Stephane was one of the people from whom he sought advice for 4T, it's just heartwarming to know that they're on a friendly relationship.
And Fujii's paternal warmness towards Yuzu. His overjoyed reaction when Yuzu landed 3A-3A during the finale!
Glad to know Yuzu and Stephane are on a friendly relationship. I was blown away and mesmerized by Stephane in AOI. Yuzu watches other skaters and gets inspiration from them. I hope he learns a lot from Stephane.

Isn't this the message printed on the show's official pamphlet?
Yes, it is. I'm not much of a translator, and forgive me for my bad English.