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Thread: Practice Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFiguring View Post
    Can somebody explain J10's twitter:

    3r3bear: That was an odd short. I only wanted to do a 3T but apparantly my body wanted to go for a quad...

    j3r3bear: Definitely not how I wanted to win the short program. Glad my love for skating shined through. Looking ahead to tomorrow.
    He over-rotated the second triple toe in his triple/triple combination. He fell on the jump after over-rotating it and he also fell on his triple axel far from clean program. However, overall the program was lovely and scored well in PCS, as it should have. So he was probably just not pleased with how he skated in terms of jumps, but glad that he still managed the rest of the program so well.

    Here's his skate:

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    Thanks for the explanation and the video. I like this music and program very much. The jumps are problematic but they should improve with more training considering he was off ice for so long. His skating, though, is definitely very Senior, with speed and ice coverage, good footwork and musicality. I forgot how I liked his style. Jeremy is an artist who needs a technical upgrade to compete with the top guys.

    I like the new hair too. I think it's a result of his brother's girlfriend leaving her blow dryer behind and Jeremy trying it out, leading to a new 'do which seems to stick.

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    Wow, Shaquille went for another 4S! Bravo, much better attempt, still under-rotated though.

    Jeremy just had a heart-melting Postman LP Love the whole package. We have a BC sweep on the podiums: Jeremy, Liam, and Nam. I hope Nam would start to pay more attention on his posture and basics, spending some time with W/L is not a bad idea. Isn't Scott Davis also located near the west coast? Both Jeremy and Liam have beautiful skating qualities, but in order to compete internationally, they do need the jumps.
    I hope Shaquille can pull it together on the other side of the scale.

    Big jumps or skating quality, why not both yeah, I've been spoiled by Patrick
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    So which of the men are worth watching? I've only seen Jeremy Ten before...

    I wonder why Jessica Dubé continues to skate singles ... does anyone have a clue? To get more practice with her solo jumps? As a back-up in case her pairs partnership doesn't work out? Just because she enjoys it? (I don't know, just randomly speculating ).
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    Not sure why Jessica continues to skate singles, but there are quite a few other pairs skaters who also do that. Examples are Julianne Seguin (of Seguin/Andrews, who were 2nd at Challenge; Julianne also won the junior ladies at Challenge), Brittany Jones (of Jones/Gaskell, 6th at Canadians last season; she also qualified for Canadians in junior), both Natasha Purich and Raymond Schultz (of Purich/Schultz, last season's junior champions; she qualifed 13th in senior for Canadians, while he missed qualifying) and both Alexie Gelinas and David Struthers (of Gelinas/Struthers, 10th at Canadians last season; he qualified 11th in seniors, and she is the first substitute for senior ladies and probably will also go to Canadians in senior).

    I think some of them do it to gain more experience with jumps in a program, or to have more experience of skating in competition.

    It's unusual to see that for pairs skaters who have been top 10 in the world in pairs, however.

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    I just posted another thread about skaters who competed in both disciplines It does seem to be rare for a skater to continue competing in multiple disciplines as long as Jessica has though, and (as you say), after having considerable success in one discipline.

    Now that I think about it, I remember reading an article about her around the time of her break-up with Bryce, and she was talking about how much she enjoyed skating individually... maybe it's just for the experience.

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