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Thread: Early Forerunners - Ladies

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    Early Forerunners - Ladies

    After assessing Int B events and the Grand Prix Series I thought I would make a start of the favourites for the upcoming European Championships to be held in Sheffield - GB.


    Favourite: Carolina Kostner - Italy

    Great choice of programs this year for Carolina (as like last year) she has scaled down her technical repertoire which has helped her mentally and she has slowed slightly to adjust her timing on her jumps, good speed and flow and excellent transitions. Artistry is beautiful, a maturity on the ice.

    Closest Challenger: Alena Leonova - Russia

    Seems to be getting better as the season progresses, strong points are her mental toughness and a strong flair on the ice - full of emotion, needs to still work on the transitions but her 3+3 is good. finally a medal at Europeans for Alena - possibly Gold.

    Other Challengers:

    Elene Gedevanishvili - Georgia, Her change of coach has helped her, her spins and steps very good and her triple lutz is probably one of the best.

    Viktoria Helgesson - Sweden - Has worked very hard this year and as always (like Caro) her artistry is lovely and a maturity on the ice - a diva. Her jumps seemed to let her down but she is renowned as a free skater, if she puts the jumps together she will be a threat. Programs are also lovely this year.

    Elena Glebova - Estonia I thought I put Elena in because on evidence of her B Events she has improved very much (like Elene the change of coach has done her good) she seems to be more faster and her 3+3 is as good as Alena. Her SP in particular is very good. I see a top 8 finish for her next year.

    Adelina Sotnikova - Russia, I am assuming she is eligible this year (unlike Liza) she reminds me a lot of Yu Na Kim and on evidence of the grand prix circuit a force to be reckoned with, but making the transition to senior level has not been easy for her, but she is the dark horse. She could win or plummet?.

    I have not mentioned Kiira Korpi or Laura Lepisto, but Finland could struggle to get on the podium. The first time since 2006 (Finland has medaled between 2007-2011). Laura has struggled with injuries and we do not know whether she will be back and Kirra has had injury problems this year as well and it has showed as she has not had the time to master the timing on her jumps. Beautiful skaters in their own right we hope they will be back strong for 2013.
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    Adelina Sotnikova is not eligible, she misses it by one day(she was born on July 1, 1996 and the rule is that the skater must be born before July 1 1996 to be eligible this season). But I read somewhere that she was born premature so who knows, maybe one day earlier might have been to early. Plus, she is going through a hard time, who knows, maybe this one day is twice a blessing in disguise

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    I agree with your including Elena Glebova. She is actually quite a force to be reckoned with. She puts the difficulty in her programs, has good consistency and isn't a bad performer at all. Definitely one not to count out.

    Based on what I saw on the GP, I would LIKE to see Leonova win. Loving both her programs this year and the attack is there. I know this may offend many - and please don't think I'm not a fan because I so am - but I feel Kostner's FS has been greatly hyped this year.

    And lastly - not to be a negative Nancy but one skater I'd be SHOCKED to see make any impact this year is Ksenia Makarova. God love her, but that FS is just wrong on so many levels.

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    first of all, I am surprised that Alena has improved and I really thought she was ready to be dumped by the FSFR with all the pouring talents Russia has now
    but she may be sticking for a long time, nevertheless , Carolina Kostner will win it as she has been so far the more consistent and has steadily improved.

    Adelina cannot compete but the alternates Sofia Biryukova ? her exposure has been showing her good results Finalandia 1st and CoR 4th
    Polina Korobeynikova and Polina Shelepen will now transition from junior to senior next year also are good alternates, they are eligible ?
    Ksenia Makarova is out and she will have a hard time now competing with all the new Russian Skaters

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    Quote Originally Posted by n_halifax View Post
    And lastly - not to be a negative Nancy but one skater I'd be SHOCKED to see make any impact this year is Ksenia Makarova. God love her, but that FS is just wrong on so many levels.
    Agreed. The thing I don't understand about the program is why it happened. Ksenia has Liza, Adelina, and all the other wunderkind coming up, just ready to take her place (btw, I'm not talking about her spot Euros or Worlds; idk who is & isn't age eligible. I'm just mean "place" as an idea). In a situation like this, normally, one would try to show that he or she has maturity on their side. But, Ksenia, on the other hand, decides to go with a FS that looks like she's playing dress up. I just don't get it.

    Say what you will about Alena's programs, but at least you can see some sensible thought behind their conception:
    PoC - "Something fun & quirky that's right in my wheelhouse!"
    AfS & RfaD - "It's dark & subdued & and new for me!"
    The programs may not have turned fantastically, but, again, you can see why she chose them (& it doesn't hurt that she sells the crap out of 'em!).

    Now that I've throughly dug into the poor girl, I feel I should say that Ksenia's SP does look beautiful. Here's hoping she'll be able to perform it cleanly!
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    Laura Lepisto will miss the whole season. I hope she will come back some day

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    is any of the junior Russians (Shelepen, Lipnitskaia, etc.) eligible?
    Carolina should win easily. i love her programms, esp. the short.

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