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Thread: Practice reports, articles, photos, tweets, etc.....

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    Thank you TB, your photos are gorgeous!

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    here's a grouping of photos for the GPF from different media photogs -

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    Great pics everyone! thanks for posting

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    No Yuko and Sasha pics ?
    cant wait for the bomb at pairs !

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    Jennifer, lovely photos!

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    wow! these photos are great! I can't wait for tomorrow!!! Thanks for the photos and best of luck to all the competitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonichelle View Post
    here's a grouping of photos for the GPF from different media photogs -
    GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for the link. (:^)

    Sometimes a picture can truly translate into art, which is what I find these two:

    It reminds me of a drawing I have that was given to me by a fellow fan over a decade ago:

    ps: oops, in my previous post I meant to say Mens LP. :D
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    Just in case you'd like, Nadine, here are those two pics in their original (and much higher) resolution:

    Here's a pic of Adelina in that same costume from the gala of the World Junior Championships gala last season: It's very dramatic, plus the focus and details are excellent. I used to have it as my desktop wallpaper.

    Of course, none of those are pics from this GPF... So to bring it back on topic, here are some of my fave pics from the wire services from the GPF practice:

    Daisuke working his magic feet on the ice:

    Alissa showing off her beautiful layback position:

    Yuzuru holding onto that Biellmann:

    Jeremy practicing a bit of footwork/choreography from his long, I believe:

    Meagan and Eric doing a choreographic lift:

    Tessa and Scott do their dance spin:
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    Yuzuru didn't have a very good run through of his short program

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    Sorry I'm a little late with this, but I just posted a wrap-up of the GPF with some thoughts on the host city.

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