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Thread: Sr. Ladies SP at 1:00 EST

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    really, i can't get my icenetwork stream to work. for me it is still down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan View Post
    Alissa's loop is fully rotated.
    I thought it would be downgraded.
    I thought it was horribly crooked more so than underrotated.

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    Protocal breakdown:

    Carolina 19.79
    Alena 16.96
    Akiko 15.80
    Alissa 14.34
    Elizaveta 14.30 (So weird to see her last in jumps!)

    nonjump elements

    Alissa 16.41
    Akiko 15.28
    Carolina 14.47
    Alena 13.79
    Elizaveta 13.06

    Clearly the lack of jumps really hurt Elizaveta today. =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by joy k.k View Post
    She landed 3F-3T during practice about a week ago for the first time.
    I saw her practicing 3F-3T again and again at practice last night during a news report.
    I thought they looked good. They said she's been practing 3F-3T over and over.
    I get that. And I like Akiko and would be happy if she medaled and/or won at Worlds this season, and medaled here. But I'm just saying, that she hasn't been 100% consistent with her 3T/3T (nor her 2A/3T), so why drop it already to attempt an even riskier 3F/3T? Is the slight increase in base value worth the increase in risk since her previous 3/3 combo isn't completely solid?

    Kostner stuck with her 3T/3T (and she actually has a history of having landed some beautiful 3F/3T) and it worked for her here. Akiko never landed as many 3/3s as Kostner did, and she already dropped her 3T/3T and went for something more ambitious. It didn't work for her here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold12345 View Post
    I thought it was horribly crooked more so than underrotated.
    I saw it in normal speed and slow-motion, and I thought it looked both crooked and noticeably underrotated. I'm surprised too.

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    Carolina's sp was amazing. She really shined today. Congrats to her!!!!!

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    I got so bad when I read news about Mao that didnt feel like watching the competition.
    Now I watched the youtube Carolina rocked. Elisaveta is ok, she can learn this way to built her tes, her pcs are the same when she skated clean in TEB.

    Buttercup can you post the russian link,it might work here too

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    I really want to be happy for Carolina because I love her skating but what happened to Mao is heartbreaking
    Nerves finally got to Liza, but this is normal! It's her first bad program of the season, give this girl a break!

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    I wonder if it could be news about Mao's mom that effected Liza so bad, considering she herself lost her dad in april and this news could bring back those memories and emotions.

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    Thank you Carolina.

    Now I hope Carolina, Alissa and Akiko have great skates to put them on the podium. Don't care what order.

    I'm sure Liza will skate well but she doesn't usually beat the others (not including Alena) in the long. She had the short to rely on that put her over.
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    Thanks, Mrs. P, I love these score breakdowns!

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    Caroline's to lose now. Unless she bombs the LP she wins.

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    Best I have ever seen from Kostner! Great music, great costume, great choreography, and in this performance great tech, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Best I have ever seen from Kostner! Great music, great costume, great choreography, and in this performance great tech, too.

    Best ever?
    How about this SP? Starting from :57 until she did her triple loop. Wow. I can watch her skate all day. Caro has the best SS for a lady. People don't skate like this anymore.

    Here's another brilliant SP

    Here's another one
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    Watched every one twice on UniSport - just OK for me.

    Carolina - her jumps are so beautiful and strong, but I find her generally stiff and awkward, with spins that are slow and unattractive to me. Wish I could like her cause everyone else seems too.

    Akkiko - I like most things about her, but don't love anything - except her smile.

    Alena - Her jumps always seems to send up a bunch of snow when she lands and spins that almost grind to a halt. Find program a bit gimmicky

    Alissa - Love the spins so much, and the general presentation. Tired of worrying about the jumps though. Still my fave, though ok with placement.

    Liza - My 2nd fave, which surprises me. I like her presentation, though still needs to mature. Almost glad she made some mistakes so she will maybe slow down and think and look at the non jump elements.

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