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Thread: Men of ice dance

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    Men of ice dance

    Is it just me or are most the male ice dancers on the senior grand prix this year extremely handsome, more so than ever before, some even outshine their partners....perhaps the scoring system which encourages more difficult lifts is contributing to their nice physiques.

    Andrew Poje, Alex Shibutani, Scott Moir, Charlie White, Luca Lanotte, Nikita Katsalapov, Fabian Bourzat, Mitchell Islam

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    Ice dancers of both genders have always seemed unusually good-looking. Whatever the cause, I'm not complaining!

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    This year, the very young dancers Katsalapov & Shibutani & Islam, are looking more like college boys than high school. Moir, White, Lanotte are all looking like men instead of college boys. Fabian is still great looking, although my clearest image of him from this season is as a brave, sick man still performing as The Pharaoah in Blue Jeans

    (can be sung to this song:

    Granted he did not have the blue jeans at Skate America. My crazy brain has conflated the two images

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    I was thinking the same about the men of pairs. Maxim Trankov, Eric Radford ... and Robin Szolkowy's bod in that LP costume did not go unnoticed!

    I really hope my husband doesn't see me writing this ...

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    Well, you know, they all have stunning partners. They have to be able to hold their own!

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