I was thinking about Patrick's LP and just how fast he moves although it is not just all one speed. Somehow, this reminded me of two things: someone on a thread somewhere here was talking about the use of the edges to generate speed and glide and was wondering if that could be explained here relative to Patrick (because of his amazing speed and edge work); also, I was remembering commentators talk about Plushy back in his glory days and he he could accelerate out of nowhere and was wondering if he's ability is similar (skill based wise) to Patrick's. I have never seen Patrick live, but you can just see on tv even how he skates differently than most of the other men, and I did see Plushy live once (SOI or COI event, can't remember which) and it was truly astounding how quickly he moved from one end of the rink to the other.

I was also thinking about the idea of connection to music (because of stuff I'm reading on the "wrestling with scores in Icedance thread"). And felt myself wondering if there ways Patrick is connecting to the LP music in ways I hadn't noticed. I'm an uber, but have noticed that he isn't as musical or musical in an obvious way like Daisuke is, but something about this program and his movements I find very compelling and I trying to put words to it.