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Thread: watching the Russian Nationals online

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    watching the Russian Nationals online


    I am a forum newbie and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post (so apologies if necessary).

    I was wondering if anyone knows of TV stations that will live-stream the Russian Nationals (free to watch) online? I once watched in this way via Estonian TV but I haven't got those details any more.


    Tauli (UK)

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    I can't answer your question, Tauli, but I want to welcome you to GS.

    I'm sure someone will have this information for you. If you watch, I hope you enjoy, and maybe you can report some of the details to us. (But I think that would be done in another part of the forum. Look down for the National Competitions threads in one of the lower sections of the forum, not the Edge section.) Good luck finding sources of live-streaming!

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    This thread: post 21 from let's talk. Hope it works for you and all of us

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    Thanks so much for your post, snowflake, you're an angel!!!! I'm watching it live right now as I type.

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