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Thread: Lost your post? We now have Auto Save!!!

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    Lost your post? We now have Auto Save!!!

    If you sign in with "Remember me" checked, even in explorer you can recover most of a lost post.

    The most recent version of vbulletin has an Auto save feature - you will see Auto Save popping up periodically in the lower right hand corner of your screen. If you should lose your data, go back to the page you were on and hit Reply to Thread. At the lower left hand corner of the dialog box, it will say Restore Auto Save. Click on the message.

    Your lost message will appear in the dialog box (I deliberately tested it out with this message, so yes, it works).

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    In addition to this, if you're using the latest version of Firefox and your computer crashes suddenly...if you were typing in a post (on any forum, not just this one), the text will be saved next time you open the browser!

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