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Thread: Entries are up

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    According to Tatjana Flade S/S have not withdrawn yet. They are due to arrive in Sheffield tonight.

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    Why is Schultheiss out? Sorry if that was discussed earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_idealist View Post
    Why is Schultheiss out? Sorry if that was discussed earlier.
    He had a back surgery in December. Still not allowed to practice jumps and probably out this season. Sweden has just one spot for worlds. To get that I guess Adrian has to beat Majorov big at Nordics (9-12 February) And how could he do that with current preparations. See his website.

    My hope is Majorov is top ten at Euros and/or Worlds so that both can go next season

    Keep on Adrian

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3T3T View Post
    Eurosport coverage is a disgrace.

    No coverage at all on Wednesday
    Thursday one hour 'highlights' of the pairs free skate,
    Friday 75mins highlights of the free dance.
    Saturday live coverage of the mens free for 75mins, probably last two groups? and that night 75mins highlights of the ladies free
    Sunday live coverage of the gala

    Why did they bother showing much of the grand prix series and then more or less ignore the europeans? I would gladly have passed on the grand prix for proper live coverage of the europeans. They could easily have shown most of it on Eurosport 2. I was planning on taking Wednesday of so I could watch the pairs short live. Hopefully the BBC will show more but their coverage in the last few years has consisted of very small highlights package
    The BBC apparently will have some 14 hours of live coverage on the "red button". Which is pretty much useless unless you are there to press the red button and watch as it happens which won't be possible if you have a job or are watching the event live. I'm really interested to watch it live and then comapre it on tv but i guess i won't be doing that!

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    Seniorita, you can do a happy dance now
    According to this:!/patinaggio Aliona and Robin looked fine in practice. Side by side jumps were solid.

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    thanks that's nice to hear

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