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Thread: Nationals Hopefuls

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    Nationals Hopefuls

    well, nationals is finally right around the corner! YAYAYAYYAYAY what do you think the podiums will look like for all levels/disciplines? SO excited to watch!

    my podiums...

    1. czisny
    2. wagner
    3. nagasu
    4. flatt or zawadzki

    1. abbott
    2. dornbush
    3. mroz
    4. rippon
    maybe we'll see a surprise from josh farris.

    ice dance
    1. D/W
    2. shibutanis
    3. chock/bates
    4. no idea

    1. denney/coughlin
    2. evora/ladwig
    3. marley/brubaker
    4. cain/reagan
    but then again i don't really have an idea for any of the placements for pairs...

    junior ladies
    1. gold
    2. miller
    3. long
    4. bell

    99% sure chen will win novice ladies. has anyone watched her? she is a beautiful skater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macy View Post
    SO excited to watch!
    Me, too!

    This is also being discussed in the "Events" folder.

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    I'm hoping Messing will surprise and steal 4th.

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