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Thread: Caroline Zhang

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    Speaking of Caroline's programs, I really want to see her skate to Out of Africa:

    I really do think that she can pull this off because this is the kind of music that suits her very well.

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    Ooh, yeah! What a great thought, frauregina. The long, sweeping lines of that music...I think she could make something gorgeous out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brightphoton View Post
    Caroline Kostner smiles going into jumps and while landing them. I love that, they're so relaxed and you just know she's going to land it.
    Actually, she starts smiling half way through a successful jump, because as soon as she takes off, she knows whether she's got it or not. It's great to see, because you know she'll land it when she comes down!

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    If you have IceNetwork, there are 2 short Caroline interviews in the video section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolymerBob View Post
    I believe weight was one of the big issues holding Caroline back. That's why I was glad to see she had slimmed down somewhat. Caroline seems to be capable of skating fast, though she doesn't always do so.
    Caroline usually skates faster IMHO when there's less pressure. She's more cautious during competitions, especially in the past couple of years. Since she's becoming more accustomed to her new technique, she'll feel more secure and be able to allow muscle memory to kick in more.

    As for weight, a lot of younger people gain weight as their bodies prepare for a large growth spurt. I recall my cousin being harassed by his parents for gaining weight when he was 14-15..... he had his growth spurt and shot up the following year and couldn't be conceived as overweight. Everyone's differents - so, it's possible that Caroline is one of those people who gained weight before her spurt as compared to Mirai, etc.

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