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Thread: Senior Ladies Short Jan 26 7:30 PM

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    Senior Ladies Short Jan 26 7:30 PM

    Starting Orders:
    1 Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston
    2 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
    3 Haley Dunne, WA FSC
    4 Morgan Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC
    5 Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC
    6 McKinzie Daniels, Broadmoor SC
    7 Nina Jiang, TX Gulf Coast FSC
    8 Joelle Forte, SC of NY
    9 Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating
    10 Aimee Buchanan, Colonial FSC
    11 Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC
    12 Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC
    13 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC
    14 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
    15 Rachael Flatt, Broadmoor SC
    16 Sophia Adams, All Year FSC
    17 Kiri Baga, FSC of Bloomington
    18 Christina Gao, Northern KY SC
    19 Leah Keiser, All Year FSC

    Mirai and Alissa are both skating so early in the competition. I didn't realize the ladies were going to skate so soon until I checked icenetwork >.<
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    Maybe the early starts for them will keep their nerves in check. Mine on the other hand :P lol

    Here's hoping Alissa, Mirai & Caroline have rockin short programs. Best of luck to everyone

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    Go, ladies! Do your best! Especially Mirai! and Yasmin, Ashley, Christina, and McKinzie!

    I think this will be a good competition.

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    I guess I know I'm really and truly a fan of Mirai because this is the second year in a row I've successfully been like 'whatever, I can't invest any hope in her' until right before Nationals, at which point I become a wreck and start hoping SO HARD that she will skate clean...

    I also wish the best to Alyssa (thought I have a REALLY bad feeling for some reason :( ) and to Caroline/Ashley.

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    good luck to everyone! honestly im not as excited as i was for junior ladies. maybe the short will change my mind GO ALISSA! i hope she sells that wonderful charming short she has!

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    I hope everyone hits and may the best two go on to Worlds-and I hope those two are my fave two.

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