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Thread: Ladies Short Program

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    Some of the scoring really puzzles me. As other mentioned - Polina's TES?
    I understand Viktoria has some level 4s, but 3T-2T and 3Loop take her to upthe 5th place? Really? (Although I admit, the field is not the strongest).

    Nevertheless, some tweaking of the score system is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsisjiejie View Post
    Kind of meh on the technical achievements of these ladies. No successful triple-triples except for the easiest 3T-3T. And a lot more 3Z's and 3F's (solo or in combo, or attempts thereof) among the ladies ending up in places 10-19 than 1-9. It really does seem that a European lady is strategically better off to jump lower on the food chain and do it cleanly. In other words, no risk-taking.
    I am not so sure we are going to see any 3/3 attempts by the top 5 US ladies in their LP either..

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    Nine skaters did 3/3 combinations(Lenovas second downgraded) I'm not a skater, but I understand that even if 3toe/3toe is the easiest it isn't easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrmsk8ngnutt View Post
    Since Jason Dungjen is at US Nationals with Alissa, who is with Valentina??
    She is with Italian Franca Bianconi

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