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Thread: Why are threads locked with no moderation or explanation before doing so?

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    Why are threads locked with no moderation or explanation before doing so?

    Thanks, wondering about Mirai thread as so many are very interested in her always/wishing to help here in the main.

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    This was answered in Spun Silver's thread. Basically it went way off topic in dicussing personal/private issues not discussed by the skater. And as stated before when asked - we value privacy of skaters, officials, coaches and our posters.

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    Still though (even though I didn't post in that thread) I think it would be nice if there was at least a warning/heads up to get back on track (or at the very least, a quick note from the mod who closes the thread). This is the case at virtually all other forums I'm a member of. Don't want to speak for other members, but I'm sure many of them would appreciate it too.

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    It was my fault. I did add a note about why threads get closed in the generic how to help skaters thread of Spun Silver's, though.

    Generally, if I closed a thread, I would say why, but it was impossible to say why in this case without putting a note out in public that revealed what we did not wish discussed,-and it would have been attached explicitly to a particular skater's name, because the thread was about one particular skater. Any such note would just add fuel to rumors.

    If you would like more info on why that thread was closed, please feel free to PM me.

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