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Thread: Misha Ge

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    Staring at the ocean and smiling.

    Misha Ge

    Misha Ge of Uzbekistan is very entertaining and had two great skates at Cup of China 2014.

    His bio, which gives his facebook, twitter, and instagram info.

    SP at CoC 2014

    LP (his personal best to date) at CoC 2014

    EX at CoC 2014


    ISU Bio

    Icenetwork Bio Bio


    Social Media






    2014-15 Season
    SP Ave Maria
    FS Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack by Michel Legrand
    EX Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

    2013-14 Season
    SP Got Blues, Still Got Rock by Gary Moore
    FS World dance collection, including Neo Tango by Gotan Project, Rhumba d'Amour, Libella Swing by Parov Stelar and Tutti Frutti by Little Richard
    EX Miracles in December by Exo

    2012-13 Season
    SP Farrucas by Pepe Romero and a flamenco by Thomas Espanner
    FS Charlie Chaplin medley
    EX Gangnam Style

    2011-2012 Season
    SP The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens
    FS War and Love by Invincible

    2010-2011 Season
    SP Capone by Ronan Hardiman
    FS Requiem for a Tower by Mansell
    EX Girls On The Dance Floor by Far East Movement ft. Stereotypes

    Competitive history



    2015 Worlds FS British Eurosport
    2015 Worlds SP British Eurosport
    2015 Worlds Gala

    2015 Four Continents SP
    2015 Four Continents FS
    2015 Four Continents Gala

    2014 Rostelecom Cup SP
    2014 Rostelecom Cup FS British Eurosport
    2014 Rostelecom Cup Gala

    2014 Cup of China SP British Eurosport
    2014 Cup of China FS British Eurosport
    2014 Cup of China Gala British Eurosport

    2014 Finlandia Trophy SP
    2014 Finlandia Trophy FS
    2014 Finlandia Interview


    2014 Worlds SP British Eurosport (Misha did not qualify for the FS)

    2014 Olympics-Misha in the Audience

    2014 Four Continents FS
    2014 Four Continents Gala

    2013 Asian Figure Skating Trophy SP


    2012 Finlandia Trophy SP
    2012 Finlandia Trophy FS
    2012 Finlandia-Misha has fans!
    2012 Finlandia-No One Cheeers For Misha like Misha...and Teddy

    2013 Asian Open Trophy SP
    2013 Asian Open Trophy FS
    Medal Ceremony

    2013 Four Continents SP

    2013 Four Continents Gala


    2011 Ice Challenge SP

    2012 Four Continents SP
    2012 Four Continents FS


    2011 Asian Winter Games SP

    2011 Asian Winter Games FS
    2011 Four Continents SP

    Baby Misha

    Four year old Misha

    2009 Golden West SP

    2009 Golden West FS

    Exhibition Videos

    2015 Worlds EX

    Misha and Elena Ilinykh at Worlds 2015 Gala

    Gangnam Style Ex

    Goodboy by E-Dragon EX

    Misha opens Skate Malaysia 2013

    Misha gives a choreography and artistry class in Bulgaria

    2013 Asian Open Gala

    2011 Graz EX

    Adam Lambert Fever EX

    GS Articles and Threads

    Article on 2013 4c's has a short interview with Misha:

    GS Interview with Misha from 2012
    Associated Thread:

    Misha, among others, comment on the Sendai earthquake and delay of the World Championships. It was his first Worlds:

    Misha gets a mention in a 2011 Four Continents report, his first 4C's appearance:

    Thread comparing two favorite entertainers, Misha and Jason:

    Thread about Misha's suggestion for an alliance team from.small feds

    Thread from 2012, complaing rthat Misha had no GP assignments again:

    Articles and Video interviews

    Icenetwork interview with Misha from Nov. 2014

    Video interview after Finlandia 2014

    Misha discusses how he would like to change skating 2013

    Misha talks to a stuffed bear about going to Sochi 2012

    Interview after Ice Challenge 2012 about his Chaplin program

    Phenomenom of Misha fandom

    Misha answers fan questions 4c's 2013

    Misha asks Team Orange Card Questions
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    I'm a fan!

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    Bravo, Misha, for being one of the highlights of this competition! And for creating an exhibition skate for the gala "on the fly"

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    A very fun to watch skater.

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    Count me in the fans!

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    I spent hours yesterday watching his videos on YouTube. LOVE him!

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    I would have no problem if he'd won the whole thing at Cup of China.

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    His skating always brings me smile . And he is truly a very nice person always caring about other skaters.

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    That exhibition was something else! H has such greatmusicality

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMC View Post
    That exhibition was something else! H has such greatmusicality

    The exhibition, just in case others haven't seen it. [ETA: Dorispulaski has added the ex. to the first post; thanks! ]Did he really put that together overnight? Unbelievable.

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    I'm a fan!

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    Tripping on the Podium
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    I'm a fan. I loved him the first time I saw him. I can't remember when it was but I think it was a couple of years ago. I hope he can improve his jumps so he can include a quad or two and start winning medals. He already has great presentation and is very entertaining.

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    I hope we can see Misha on a podium someday soon. He's tried very hard to make his presentation more palatable to the judges, but I'm glad he hasn't lost himself in the process. At Finlandia, I did think he veered into melodrama a bit too much, but he toned it down just enough for CoC. I believe he takes the feedback he gets very seriously.

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    Misha rocks!!! Also, he seems to the kind who loves what he does and no matter the result, as seriously as he takes the sport and his practice, seems to just enjoy himself at every event. His "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" FS was wonderful.

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    I remember seeing Misha at the Olympics and enjoying his skating. He love to perform and it shows (he's like the male Elena Radionova, LOL). Glad he did well at CoC and I hope he continues to turn out great skates this season and find himself winning some International medals.

    And he speaks three languages, so he must act as interpreter between the Chinese, Russians and English speaking skaters

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