View Poll Results: Who should Russia choose for senior Worlds: Ksenia Makarova or Polina Shelepen?

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Thread: Who should Russsia send to senior Worlds: Ksenia Makarova or Polina Shelepen?

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    Who should Russsia send to senior Worlds: Ksenia Makarova or Polina Shelepen?

    M or S?
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    I'd go with Shelepen. Just saw Makarova's Europeans LP this weekend; not good. The Marilyn program isn't working for her, and her jumps were really shaky. She didn't look confident out there. Hard to imagine her coming back strong for Worlds.

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    Polina couldnt even do well at JUNIOR Worlds that just finished. What on earth is she going to do at Senior Worlds. I would have sent Makarova. It is not like either one is part of Russia's future anyway.

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    even though polina didn't do a good short this week, she held it together and put out a very good long and pulled herself up a lot of spots. i do like, actually i should say love, ksenia's short this year but i can't stand her long. i think the music is very choppy and doesn't flow. she hasn't been putting out good programs at all this year. my pick right now would be polina, even though her artistry is subpar, she can do the jumps especially with two 3+3's in her long. i think she would be the best bet out of the two of them.

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    Send Shelepen. Yes she liable to bomb the short program but if her and Makarova are capable of getting around the same point total, then I'd just rather watch Shelepen. At least she is showing some improvement over last year and this will give her some senior international experience before next season.

    Makarova is regressing. Makarova's long program is just horrible and full of downgraded triples. Saw her European skate yesterday and those replays of her jumps I can't believe anybody apart of her team thought that program was a great idea. Makes me wonder why Kudryavtsev was sitting with her in the kiss and cry?

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    I'd see if makarova has made any progess and then check with Polina to see if she is burned out and make an educated decision. Makarova should go back to an old routine for the freeskate. Channelling Marilyn isn't working.

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    Neither. The whole thing is such torture to watch. Bordering on child abuse and the worst exclamation of politics in the sport. So hard to watch. Neither or ... BOTH!

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