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Thread: Figure Skating and Ballet

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    I'm a bit bothered by the "good looks" comments. Wow. If "good looks" are a pre-requisite to successful figure skating I better get out NOW while I still have money in the bank. No offense intended toward the person who mentioned good looks as being a factor toward doing well on the ice, but too many folks nowadays are hung up on appearances. Why can't a figure skater (or a ballet dancer, or really anything for that matter) be judged on what they have earned, and not on what was given to them? I'm really puzzled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkelly View Post
    E.g., spotting during pirouettes/spins.
    Kevin van der Perren used to spot his rotational jumps. I remember Dick Button saying Kevin would never get a quad because of that flaw. He is a big quadster now so, so I suppose he was able to overcome that habit.

    Alissa Czisny doesn't spot, but she used to have a habit on her jumps of leading with her head. That is, her head would be farther around than the rest of her. I believe that this was one of the first things that her new coaching team worked on.
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    The only parts of good looks that should figure into skating judging are the parts that the skater "earns" by hard work -- posture, extension, etc.

    Of course some people are blessed with more favorable body types for looking good in these ways. But what you do with what you've got counts for more than what you've naturally got.

    Officially, anyway. Unofficially, being good-looking is an advantage in most areas of life, so skating is no exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Alissa Czisny doesn't spot, but she used to have a habit on her jumps of leading with her head. That is, her head would be farther around than the rest of her.
    Actually, a skater SHOULD lead with his/her head to an extent in jumps. I just posted still pictures from last weekend's competition on my FB page and a couple are air position of my mutli-rev jumps and my head is leading (and they were successful). Many comments from my FB friends regarding the correctness of my air position...

    Alissa's problem has been more related to her free leg position and off-axis jumping

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    Does anyone have any more resources where you can find information about teaching ballet to figure skaters and what translates well to the ice and what should be avoided? Almost everything out there goes back to Thomas's book and it's on the expensive side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conga View Post
    I definitely agree that ballet is a great foundation for or complement to skating because of the focus on core and centering. That also makes Pilates a great addition to the skater's training regimen.

    I vaguely remember Kurt Browning talking about training ballet much later in his career and how it was a positive addition. Does anyone recall that? Perhaps it was after he turned pro or when he met his wife. Not sure.
    yes, I remember. I saw some documentary about it showing how he trained his body based on ballet. I guess Lambiel also incorporated ballet too.
    I am a ballroom dancer and i know you how important ballet training is for our posture, centering and arm movement. My coach always recommends to take basic ballet lesson and so many of my fellow dancers made a significant progress in over all presentation after taking ballet lessons.

    I know that Dai started to take lessons these days and I can see the effect , especially on the beautiful upper body carriage shown on his short program this year.

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